Best Pocket Knife In The World – Only One Stands Above The Rest

TAC Force TF-705

Just what is the best pocket knife in the world? Out of so many good choices out there, how do we even start to try to decide what is the best?

In this article, I am going to reveal what I believe is one of the best pocket knives in the world.

best pocket knife in the world

Here's the thing...

This can be a very subjective topic, so I put a lot of effort into removing my own personal opinion and really dig into the market of pocket knives to see just which one stands out above the others.

What you should know:

A pocket knife is usually an everyday carry (EDC) item that is aligned with a person's needs, problems, and personality. Therefore, it's a personal item, which means that there are many different opinions out there on which one is the best.

If you have carried a pocket knife for a while, chances are you have explored what really works for you, whether that is a specific brand, specific type, or a combination of the two.

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You are an expert of you, and your opinion is perfectly aligned with your experiences.

When it comes to picking just one knife that will make the majority of people, but not everyone happy, there are several things that must be considered.

We are going to go through the different factors that feed into picking a winner, and then we are going to look at the top choice on the market right now and why it is great for most people.

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Best Pocket Knife Criteria


Since we are discussing pocket knives, that means we are covering folding knives, or better known as folders. It's important to have a knife that is not too big that it crowds out your pocket space, but also not too small that you can't use the knife for much.


The biggest factor of a pocket knife is the blade. The size of the blade determines which tasks you can and cannot do with the knife.

Also, depending on where you live, knife laws are partially determined by blade length, so you want to ensure it is legal to carry your knife on you.

You also want a good quality blade so that it is durable and can hold up to most tasks that you put it through. Depending on the price tier of the knife, you will get different types of steel used.


The handle needs to be easy to grasp and comfortable. It also shouldn't be too bulky so that you don't have a huge bulge in your pocket.

The material of the handle needs to be decent so that it doesn't get beat up and dinged too much from using it every day and sliding against other things in your pocket.

Another feature to look for is a good pocket clip on the handle so that you can keep your knife in a handy and accessible location near the top of your pocket.


It's important to get a knife that is going to last a long time. The design and materials list can look great on paper, but what happens when a lot of people use the knife over the long haul and how does it hold up?

Product Overview

TAC Force TF-705

Based on the criteria we just covered, there is one knife that stands out beyond the crowd on all fronts. It is extremely popular and highly praised. It is called the TAC Force TF-705.

The TAC Force TF-705 is a fantastic pocket knife that is also amazingly cheap.

When I find such an outstanding product at this kind of price, I have to investigate to find out how they do it.

It turns out that TAC Force is a product line by Master Cutlery, the largest wholesale knife manufacturer in the USA.

They have a great design with this knife and can massively produce them with great quality which drives the price way down. A big win for us customers.

The TAC Force TF-705 is a great folder with an overall length of 4.5 inches. The 3.25 inch blade is made out of 440 stainless steel, which is really good for the price. The handle is aluminum.

The blade is also half serrated, which opens the knife up to other types of cutting tasks. There is also a pocket clip on the handle for convenient storage and retrieval.


This is a fantastic knife for new knife owners and veterans alike. It has many great features.

The price is incredibly cheap when compared to other knives of this caliber.

There are many colors and designs to choose from including red, black, grey, camo, and rainbow. The ladies also have the choice of getting it in pink or pink camo.

The design of the knife looks slick, and it is definitely an eye catcher. The knife is easily a great conversation starter.

There is a spring assist feature that helps the knife be rapidly deployed with one hand.

Another feature is the bottle opener and glass breaker built into the handle.


Some users have complained about the screws that hold the knife together becoming loose and even falling out. This does not seem to happen on most of them though.

I imagine one could fix the loose screw issue if they have some loctite or nail polish laying around, were you could easily add a drop on the screw heads where they meet the frame to help keep them in place for the long haul.

In order to use the bottle opener, you have to deploy the blade out. This is not a big deal, but some users don't like having their exposed blade out when trying to open a bottle. Safety first.


TAC Force TF-705

In summary, the TAC Force TF-705 is the crowned winner when it comes to the best folding pocket knife.

While this will always be a debate, if you look at the math of features versus cost versus overall customer satisfaction, then this knife wins hands down with a lot of room to spare.

While the TAC Force TF-705 is legal to carry in most places, I recommend you check your local knife laws to confirm that the 3.5 inch blade length, and the spring assist are both legal.

The best ways to do this are to call your local police station and ask or check out your state and local laws online.

I hope you enjoyed this review of one of the best folding pocket knives on the market. For the performance and the price, the TAC Force TF-705 stands above the rest.

If you are looking for other types of knives, we put together a summary for you. Also, keep your blade sharp with the right sharpener.

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