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Top 10 Best Braided Fishing Line Reviewed

By Tom Sheppard

There is nothing better than having the best braided fishing line with you out on the water. It makes your experience so much nicer.Did you know: Braided fishing line is the oldest form of line used by anglers. There’s a twist though…The braided line that we use today is vastly different from the type of […]


Trout Fishing Guide: The Best Tips, Bait, Lures, And Gear

By Guest Poster

If you are looking for awesome trout fishing tips, then you’ve come to the right place. I have an amazing guide for you. We are going to go through the basics, the best bait for trout, the best trout lures, and many awesome advanced technqiues.Here’s a fun fact: Trout fishing is one of the most popular game […]


Fishing 101: Basics For Beginners Complete Guide

By Tom Sheppard

If you’re debating whether or not to jump into the sport of fishing, you have come to the right place. Here are going to cover fishing 101, which is a complete guide on fishing for beginners.Here’s the thing:We could write thousands of pages on the subject of fishing, and that wouldn’t even put a dent […]


Add The Best Survival Fishing Kit To Your Gear

By Tom Sheppard

You should always have a survival fishing kit in your gear if the time comes for you to gather food quickly in an emergency situation.Did you know that in survival situations, one of the best sources of fresh food comes from bodies of water? Fishing allows you to expend less energy and you can harvest a […]