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Best DIY Home Security: Top 10 Things You Can Do

By Guest Poster

When it comes to protecting your home from thieves or burglars, there is no such thing as “complete protection” or “total security.” There will always be some level of risk that you cannot avoid. In order for a crime to occur, a criminal must have motive, means (tools, skills, etc.), and the opportunity to commit […]


Top 5 Best Jumper Cables – Get The Right Ones For Your Vehicle

By Tom Sheppard

When you’re stuck somewhere and your vehicle won’t start, not having the best jumper cables handy might mean you are stranded.Here’s the thing: There’s nothing worse than a dead battery.Oh wait, there is. It’s having a dead battery and not having any jumper cables.Has this happened to you?You kept meaning to get some cables for […]


Kershaw Leek Review – One Of The Best EDC Knives

By John Smith

In this article, we are going to take a look at one very popular knife. I’m positive that this Kershaw Leek review will convince you that it has earned the right to be your next pocket knife. As we all know…There are some things that we need to carry with us at all times. These […]


Top 10 Best Tactical Pens For 2017 – Self Defense Within Reach

By Tom Sheppard

Having the best tactical pen on you in a critical moment may mean the difference between life and death.It’s scary to think about…These days, you never can be too sure when violence might erupt. One second everything seems fine, and then in the next, your life may be in grave danger.But we are in luck: […]


Top 7 Best Survival Emergency Blankets And Bivvies

By Tom Sheppard

There are certain pieces of gear that you should always have at your disposal. An emergency blanket (also called a survival blanket or mylar blanket) or a bivvy are extremely critical.Let’s be smart about it:We should always have one of these on us, regardless of the time of year or duration of our trip.The reason for this is that […]


Add The Best Survival Fishing Kit To Your Gear

By Tom Sheppard

You should always have a survival fishing kit in your gear if the time comes for you to gather food quickly in an emergency situation.Did you know that in survival situations, one of the best sources of fresh food comes from bodies of water? Fishing allows you to expend less energy and you can harvest a […]


The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Knife Steel

By Guest Poster

The looming question is: what is the best knife steel? I’m sure you already know this…Knives are one of the most versatile tools that someone can have on their person for any day-to-day projects. They are especially critical in survival situations.In fact, there has probably never been a time where you were relieved to not […]


Rocky S2V Boots Review: Get The Best Tactical Boots For Combat

By Tom Sheppard

Are you looking for the best tactical boots built for combat? In this article, we are going to review the top three Rocky S2V boots and what makes them some of the most rugged and durable boots made in America.I’m sure you know this, but…​Rocky boots have been a staple for soldiers, law enforcement, and workers […]


When Crisis Strikes: How To Siphon Gas Easily

By Guest Poster

You never know when an emergency or survival situation might pop up and you need to know how to siphon gas. It’s a job that is much easier if you have a siphon pump.Let’s be honest…We live in a time where our infrastructure runs on fossil fuels. This is especially true of our reliance on […]

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