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Gun Range Guide: Rules, Etiquette, Gear, & Tips

By Mark Wright

Hitting up the range is considered by many to be America’s true pastime, but it turns out there are rules and etiquette to follow, as well as lots of gear to bring with you.If you don’t have your own land where you can have fun plinking, then heading to the shooting range is the next […]


How To Build Your Own AR 15: Parts Guide

By Mark Wright

So, you want to build your own AR 15? Great! The modularity and customization are what makes the venerable, all-too-popular black rifle so awesome.This little .223 or 5.56 -slingin’ gun is widely considered the adult Lego toy of the gun world. However, as we know, guns are NOT toys. If you are interested in piecing […]


Plinking – Complete Guide And Best Tips

By Guest Poster

It’s one of the most favorite pastimes for Americans that live out in the country, and it’s called plinking.Here’s the thing:When you are a kid in the country, there is nothing more fun starting out than getting your very first BB gun. You end up taking it almost everywhere and experimenting with what you can […]


Best Scope For The Money: Complete How To Buy Guide

By Mark Wright

Are you looking for the best scopes for the money? I’m sure you know this, but…It turns out that picking the right scope gets hard because there are so many factors that go into the decision.Here’s the thing:Scopes are complex optical instruments, and depending on what you need your scope for could totally change which […]