Benchmade Adamas 275 Review: Survival Beast Mode

 We are going to see why the Adamas is one bada** folder in this Benchmade Adamas review.

benchmade adamas review

The Adamas 275 features a thick blade and steel liners in the handle, which give it a ton of strength and a very rugged appearance.

There are multiple options available for the blade edge, handle color and opening action.

All of the knives feature an excellent quality steel blade, AXIS locking mechanism, plenty of grip, and come with a pocket clip and a MOLLE compatible sheath.

There is also a fixed blade version of the Adamas available. These knives are certainly not for everyone, as they are very heavy and hard core.

However, make no doubt about it, these pocket knives serve the military and law enforcement community so they are incredibly tough and have a ton of cutting strength. Let's jump into the details next.

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Benchmade Adamas Review


Benchmade Adamas 275 Knife Black

Benchmade is well known for their high-quality knives that are widely used by the military and law enforcement communities.

Their knives are tough and well respected.

However, this comes at a cost. The Benchmade name carries with it an added expense, but the quality is certainly there to back it up.

Benchmade has gone through a few name changes, but have been around for nearly four decades.

While they were originally founded in California, they are now based out of Oregon.


The blade of the Benchmade 275 Adamas is 3.82 inches long and 0.16 inches thick. This added blade thickness goes a long way for the toughness of the knife.

Benchmade Adamas 275 Blade

The drop point style blade is coated black to prevent corrosion.

The blade is crafted from D2, which is one of the hardest steels used in knives. This specific steel is also helpful in adding strength.

Overall, this steel is a little more difficult to sharpen but holds an edge longer. The blade is available in either plain edge or combination edge.

Blade Opening

Both manual opening and assisted opening mechanisms are available. Both mechanisms feature Benchmade’s AXIS locking mechanism.

Benchmade Adamas 275 Knife Sand

Whether you choose the assisted opening or not, the knife comes with thumbstuds to open the blade.

With the manual opening blade, it is slightly more difficult to open. The assisted opening mechanism opens easily and smoothly.

The AXIS locking mechanism has a steel bar that slides back and forth in the handle of the knife.

When you slide it down, it removes a positive block and allows you to open the knife.

Once the blade is opened and you release the sliding bar, it engages the tang of the blade and locks the knife in place.

Since the bar is connected to the tang of the blade and the steel liners in the handle, this provides a strong locking mechanism. This is yet another feature that allows for extreme cutting strength.


Benchmade Adamas 275 Handle

The knife’s handle is also thick at 0.73 inches. It has G-10 scales throughout the handle over the top of the thick steel liners, which allows for more texture and grip.

G-10 is a nylon material made by pairing sheets of glass cloth and nylon under high pressure.

The result is a textured material that allows for a firm grip while being resistant to wear and tear.

The handle of the knife is also contoured to fit your hand with jimping in the choil, spine, and around the rear of the handle.

Jimping is nothing more than notches cut into the steel, which provides more surface area for your hand to grip.

All of the jimping combined with the G-10 allows for a firm grip to support the added cutting strength. The handle is available in tan or black.

Pocket Clip

benchmade adamas

The reversible pocket clip is a nice feature, but we still would not recommend this knife as an everyday carry knife for the average person.

While it is not that long, it weighs a solid 7.5 ounces.

Due to the thick steel liners in the handle and blade, this knife is very heavy.

The added weight and durability supports its toughness.

For the military and law enforcement user, we recommend carrying this knife in the included MOLLE compatible sheath/pouch.

Good EDC?

While this knife could potentially be used as an everyday carry knife for the average person, we strongly recommend against it.

Benchmade Adamas 275 Sheath

Unless you have an absolute need for one of the toughest knives on the market, carrying this beast of a knife would be a burden.

However, if you choose to carry this knife, the square shape of the closed knife makes it easy to draw from your pocket.

Similarly, it draws easily from the sheath. The knife also has a lanyard hole, if you like to use that.


Overall, thanks to the very hard D2 steel, extra thick blade, and AXIS locking mechanism, this knife allows for extreme cutting power.

Benchmade Adamas 275 Knife Black Serrated

This cutting power is supported by the handle, which allows for plenty of grip, thanks to all of the jimping and the G-10 scales.

This knife makes an excellent knife for military or law enforcement users. While it is quite heavy, it is a rugged knife that is up for any tough job.

In our opinion, it would not make a great everyday carry knife. However, for the right job, it is an absolutely great knife.

Where it would excel is in survival situations, so put it on your list for your SHTF gear. It is on the expensive side, but the quality is unquestioned.

One other nice feature, albeit minor, is that with every purchase, a donation is made to Three Rangers and Navy SEAL Foundation. These donations support military special operations members and their families.

If the Adamas is too big and you want something smaller, consider the 940.​

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