Benchmade Griptilian Review: High Quality EDC

In this Benchmade Griptilian review, we are going to see why the Griptilian 551 is one of Benchmade's more affordable options.

benchmade griptilian review

However, do not let the budget-friendly price tag fool you.

The Griptilian is another high quality Benchmade knife.

This knife family comes with multiple options.

They all feature high quality blades, comfortable handles, and Benchmade’s AXIS opening mechanism.

The available options allow the knife to be unique while keeping the price point exactly where you would like it. Read on to see all of the great features in the Griptilian 551.

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Benchmade Griptilian Review​


Benchmade’s quality is well known throughout the knife industry. Their products come with a lifetime warranty.

Benchmade replaces any parts and repairs your blade if necessary. Their brand is a popular favorite among those with a higher budget for a knife, and that want the best.

This company is currently headquartered in Oregon, after being around for four decades under different names.


You have plenty of options with the blade. There are two different edge styles, two different blade coats, three different blade steels, and three different blade shapes available.

benchmade griptilian

When considering the edge, you may select plain edge or half-serrated edge. The two available finishes are satin finish and coated finish.

The satin finish is a shiny silver, while the coated finish is black. Both finishes protect the knife from corrosion.

The blade is also available in three different shapes: drop point, tanto point, and sheepsfoot.

The primary differences are that the tanto point allows for slightly more cutting power. The sheepsfoot style knife has an opening hole rather than thumbstuds.

The three available steels are N680, 154CM, and CPM-20CV. The steels are listed in order of hardness. The softest steel is N680.

griptilian satin blade

Softer steels will not hold an edge as well, but they will be the easiest to sharpen.

For the extremely casual knife user, N680 will work.

The middle class steel, 154CM, is slightly harder than N680.

It holds an edge for a little longer but will be slightly more difficult to sharpen. 154CM is also slightly cheaper than N680.

For this reason, we recommend getting the 154CM over the N680.

CPM-20CV is harder than N680 and holds its edge. However, it is the most expensive blade steel on the list and adds a little price to the knife.


Benchmade’s AXIS mechanism provides a way to open the blade and lock it in place. The AXIS opening and locking mechanism uses a steel bar that slides up and down between the two steel liners in the handle.


When the bar slides back, it releases the knife to be opened. From there, you can easily swing the knife open and release the AXIS bar.

To swing the knife open, two of the blade styles have thumbstuds.

The sheepsfoot style blade features an opening hole. The opening hole will be slightly easier to use, but the sheepsfoot style blade provides less cutting power.

Once the AXIS bar is released, it engages the tang and the two steel liners. This creates added cutting power with more strength resulting from the specific blade shapes.


benchmade griptilian 551

The knife’s handle also has plenty of features. It is available in two different materials and five different colors.

The handle is available in either nylon or G-10 scales.

Nylon is the cheaper option but still performs admirably. Nylon is available with more color options: black, olive green, sand, and orange.

The orange handle is very unique looking. While the sand and olive green are popular.

G-10 is a fiberglass reinforced nylon. This type of nylon is created by layering nylon and glass cloth then conjoining the two under high pressure.

G-10 is an extremely light weight and tough material. The G-10 scales come at an added cost and is only available in gray.

benchmade griptilian scales

The handle’s shape allows for comfortable and safe use. Whether nylon or G-10, the handle provides plenty of grip.

The knife also has a choil, to prevent the likelihood of your hand slipping towards the blade.

There is also jimping—cuts in the steel—in the choil, along the spine, and at the rear of the handle.

This jimping prevents slipping and allows for a firm, safe grip. Jimping also adds cutting power.


griptilian pocket clip

This knife makes a good everyday carry knife even though it is not the absolutely lightest knife on the market.

All blade styles weigh less than 4 ounces with the tanto style blade being the heaviest at 3.89 ounces.

The closed length of the blade is 4.62 inches.

The rounded shape of the handle paired with the reversible pocket clip are also nice carry features of this knife.


Overall, the Benchmade Griptillian knife family is a good choice for everyday carry.

The numerous options allow you to customize the knife to fit your needs and your look. If you need more cutting power, the tanto style blade will do the trick.

If you do not need as much cutting power and want a tactical look, get a drop point blade with a sand colored handle. Whatever your needs are, this knife meets them.

The multiple blade steel options, blade shape, blade coating, and blade edge are excellent.

Benchmade Griptilian Sheepsfoot

The AXIS opening and locking mechanism is another outstanding feature. It securely locks the blade and adds cutting power.

The handle features make for safe, comfortable use. One thing to keep in mind is that not all options are compatible.

As far as carrying this knife, the sheepsfoot style blade in particular is nice. It is the lightest and has opening holes to make it easier to use.

Overall, this is an excellent knife from a reputable manufacturer at a relatively affordable price.

If you need something a little smaller, consider the mini Griptilian.​

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