Top 5 Best 9mm Pistols

If you are looking for the best 9mm pistols, you've come to the right place. In fact, 9mm is one of the most popular calibers for handguns.

Despite the fact that it is a very old round, 9mm represents a nice combination of size and speed in a round small enough to be used in different weapons.

Did you know that 9mm is common for concealed carry, home defense, and general shooting?

The 9mm pistols range from tiny single stack pocket guns to full-sized pistols. We will make a few recommendations across the whole spectrum to introduce each.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the round, there are many firearms available. Narrowing that down to five firearms was extremely difficult, but here is our list of the best 9mm handguns. Don't forget to pick up a cleaning kit as well.

If you are looking for something smaller in size, consider getting a 380 pistol.

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Why Get A 9mm Handgun?

The round was originally developed over a century ago by Georg Luger, which explains why it is commonly referred to as 9mm Luger. The actual projectile is 9mm in diameter.

The muzzle velocity is about 1200 feet per second, depending on the specific round used.

The round gets decent penetration through gelatinous blocks that match flesh, meaning that it is a deadly round. This effectiveness can be increased by using hollow point rounds.

Critics of 9mm say that it is not large enough. Many of these people prefer to carry .40 S&W or .45ACP.

However, in my opinion, 9mm has a slight advantage over them in the number and size of weapons available. I also find that it is more enjoyable just for general shooting than the larger rounds, as the recoil is not as bad.

When the weather gets cooler and people start wearing more clothing, I generally switch to a .45ACP. During the spring, summer, and most of the fall, I always carry a 9mm.

If you are looking for something super reliable for self defense, consider getting a great revolver instead.

Best 9mm Pistols

1. Heckler & Koch VP9

If you are not familiar with any Heckler & Koch firearms, we recommend you change that. They are some of the smoothest and best firing weapons on the market.

The VP9 is no different. It is a reliable, accurate, and smooth weapon. The handgun has a 15-round magazine capacity, weighs just less than 26 ounces, and measures 7.34 inches long by 5.41 inches tall.

The fact that this weapon is the best full size 9mm makes it best suited for home defense and casual shooting.

The pros of this weapon are the polygonal bore, smooth action, ergonomic grip, and the picatinny rail.

Heckler & Koch’s polygonal bore allows more gas to be trapped behind the projectile and increases muzzle velocity. This is a good feature for its ballistic effects.

As mentioned before, Heckler & Koch is well known for how smooth their weapons fire.

The cons of this weapon are the lack of thumb safety. The weapon has a trigger safety, but some people, myself included, would prefer to have a manual thumb safety.

2. Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0

Up next is another full size, striker-fired, polymer 9mm pistol. The M&P9 M2.0 from Smith & Wesson is an excellent weapon. Just like the HK, it is smooth and reliable.

The weapon has a 17-round magazine, weighs around 25 ounces, and measures 7.4 inches long. It is available in matte black and tan. Just like the last one, this firearm is probably best suited for home defense and casual shooting.

The pros of this weapon are the grip, trigger, and the fact that it comes with a lifetime service policy. It comes with four interchangeable backstraps to fit your hand perfectly. The grip on all of them is phenomenal.

The handle is at the ideal angle to easily and naturally aim. The trigger is very crisp and has a short reset for accurate second shots. It is also available with a thumb safety.

As far as cons, this is a full-size weapon, which limits its uses. Another potential con is that this is made out of polymer, although this is becoming more and more popular in smaller caliber pistols.

3. Glock 19

No list of semiautomatic weapons is complete without Glock’s entry. Glock is a very polarizing name in the firearms industry. For most people, they either hate Glock or love them. There is very little overlap.

So, for you Glock lovers, read on, and for the Glock haters, check out the other weapons on our list.

The pros of the Glock 19 are the size, reliability, and how easy it is to take down. The firearm measures 7.36 inches long, 4.99 inches tall, 1.18 inches wide, and weighs 23.65 ounces.

However, even with this small frame, the magazine capacity is 15 rounds. This excellent combination of small size, light weight, and high capacity makes this weapon very versatile.

It is popular for concealed carry and is an enjoyable weapon for general shooting. The high magazine capacity makes it a good weapon for home defense.

One thing about Glock that is unquestionable is their reliability. It has been written about many times, but they are some of the most reliable firearms on the market.

The cons of this weapon include the lack of a thumb safety, long trigger pull, and the price. As previously mentioned, some people are not bothered by the lack of a thumb safety.

For me personally, I prefer that my weapons have one. The trigger pull of the Glock 19 is on the long side but does not take much weight. The trigger reset is not great either.

4. Walther CCP

The Walther CCP is the smallest weapon on our list. That makes it the best concealed carry 9mm in our opinion.

It is 6.41 inches long, 5.12 inches tall, weighs 22.33 ounces, and has an 8-round magazine capacity. It is a single stack 9mm, meaning that it is very narrow.

One of the smallest 9mm handguns on the market is the Glock 43. The Walther CCP is about the same width, but the added height of the CCP means you get some added magazine capacity and a much better grip.

The trigger guard is cut in a specific way to allow for one of the best grips in the small 9mm's that are available.

The pros of this weapon, other than the size and the grip, are the SOFTCOIL technology and the accuracy. The SOFTCOIL technology makes for a very manageable recoil, which is surprising for these small single stack pistols.

Maybe it was just luck of the draw, but I shot the most accurately with this pistol. Overall, you get most of the pros of a Walther pistol shrunk down into a weapon meant to be concealed. It is the best compact 9mm around.

The cons of this weapon are the trigger and the fact that it is more difficult to take down, which requires a special tool. The process takes a little getting used to.

As opposed to the classic Walther trigger in the PPQ, the CCP has a grittier pull, although we are told it breaks in over time.

5. Beretta 92FS

The Army must have been doing something right when they chose the M9. The Beretta 92FS is the civilian version.

It is a full-size, hammer-fired 9mm pistol. It cycles very fast but is on the larger side of 9mm pistols. Its uses are limited mostly to tactical uses, home defense, and general shooting.

The pistol has an external hammer. This feature makes it nice for teaching new shooters and for added safety. Some old timers prefer hammer-fired weapons to the newer striker-fired weapons.

It can shoot either double action or single action. You are able to decock the hammer in order to make the first pull double action for added safety.

The pros of this weapon are its accuracy, ambidextrous thumb safety, and reliability. This is an example of a weapon that is accurate to shoot.

While not as reliable as the Glock, the 92FS is a very reliable pistol. The Army would not have fielded this if it were not one of the most reliable weapons on the market.

It is also easy to take down, compared to some of the other weapons on our list. The cons of this weapon are the price and size.

Honorable Mentions

Sig Sauer P226, Walther PPQ, CZ 75B, Springfield XDM

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