What Is The Best Gun Cleaning Kit? Top 5 Review

gun cleaning kit

Having the best gun cleaning kit handy is essential for good, solid gun maintenance.

We all know it...

There are firearms that seem to be members of our family. Some of these weapons have been passed down from generation to generation for a hundred years.

While most are made to endure the elements, the key to long-lasting weaponry is proper gun maintenance.

best gun cleaning kit

The thing is...

Most owners have multiple types of weapons, and no one wants to have multiple cleaning kits for each specific type of firearm to keep up with.

Because of that...

We have compiled a list of the best kits that are on the market and able to clean a wide range of firearms.

Our criteria included kits that can cover various calibers of rifles and pistols along with different gauged shotguns.

We were also interested in the types of accessories that some kits provide and how these could be beneficial to the owner.

Not only are we going to show you the best kits, but also the best accessories that you can get.​

Here is a video sneak peak at one of the kits with the best caliber coverage.​ It's an amazing kit.

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Best Gun Cleaning Kit - Top 5

1. Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

Hoppe's has been in the gun care business for over 100 years and their products show it. They make the best universal gun cleaning kit.

hoppes universal gun cleaning accessory kit

This Hoppe's gun cleaning kit provides you with all the tools needed to clean a wide variety of calibers and gauges for rifles, pistols, and shotguns that are commonly used.

This kit does not include the tools to clean a .17 or .50 caliber rifles.

The kit provides a 3 piece-cleaning rod, 9 phosphor bronze brushes for the various caliber and gauges along with five mops.

The kit also comes with slot ends to fit various gauge bores along with synthetic wipes and adapters.

The tools in this kit are contained in a latched, aluminum case with a foam interior and plastic slots fitted for specific pieces to keep the kit organized and in place when on the move.

This kit is excellent for those looking to purchase the most essential tools to clean their firearms. It is the best handgun cleaning kit.

More specialized tools and cleaning solutions will need to be purchased separately.

2. Otis Elite Cleaning System

The Elite Cleaning System pack by Otis is able to cover the cleaning and maintenance of all of your firearms.

otis elite cleaning system

From .17 to .50 caliber rifles, .410 to 12 gauge, and your muzzleloaders. Of all the kits, this one has the widest range of firearms it is able to clean.

Given the versatility, this is the best pistol cleaning kit from our list as well.

The kit comes with over 40 different pieces of firearm cleaning equipment covering all of your cleaning needs.

This includes 23 bronze bore brushes, each with its own labeled case, and 6 cleaning cables of various length to be used in breech-to-muzzle cleaning instead of the rods.

The kit also provides 100% cotton wipes along with 4 different slot ends for various gauges. It has adapters to help keep the wipes firm against the bore.

A synthetic brush is also included with adjustment rods and various scrapers and picks. It sure is a good 9mm cleaning kit.

The kit also comes with two tubes of Otis all-purpose bore solvents to break down debris and powder caked in your firearm. It also lubricates the metal.

An added bonus to this cleaning kit is the tools for cleaning optics such as scopes and rangefinders including lens wipes and brushes. This is a feature not seen in the rest of our list.

The features in this package make it the best AR 15 cleaning kit.

3. Otis Tactical Cleaning System

What stood out initially to us was the compactness of this kit compared to others on our list. If you are a minimalist or like to keep your travel load down, then this kit is for you.

otis tactical cleaning system

This kit contains 5 bronze brushes for .22, .270, .30, .38, and .45 caliber pistols/rifles and 1 bronze brush for 10/12 gauge shotguns.

While this kit does not have brushes to cover the wide range of firearms as some of the other kits, it does cover the firearms most used in hunting.

It is also extremely lightweight, making it perfect for hunting trips. The features make it a handy rifle cleaning kit.

It contains three cleaning cables of various lengths to cover all firearms it is designed to clean along with three bronze slot ends with rubber patch adapters to get a more flush wipe coverage.

The slot end pieces, patches, and patch adapters do allow you to get a wider coverage of the smaller and larger calibers and gauges.

To remove any blockages, obstructions, or jams in your weapon, a T-handle and other specialized obstruction removal tools are included.

It comes with a 0.5 ounce tube of Otis 085 Ultra bore cleaner, lubricant, and preservative solution.

4. Outers 25 Piece Universal Wood Cleaning Box

Going on aesthetics alone, this aged oak wooden kit is a joy to own and makes you really look forward to those nights of cleaning. If you are looking for a gun cleaning box, this is your pick.

outers 25 piece universal wood cleaning box

The main compartment of this kit provides a lot of space for storage of other supplies or ammo and is a great accessory to this kit.

The inside is slotted to allow two pieces that are found on the inside bottom of the lid, to fit into the main compartment making a vise able to hold your rifle or shotgun.

The bottom drawer contains the cleaning tools such as 7 bronze brushes and mops to cover most calibers and gauges.

There are 3 slot end adaptors and two spear pointed jags for patches and wipes. 50 wipes are included with the kit. This kit utilizes a three-piece brass, cleaning rod set.

5. Remington Hunting, Cleaning, and Maintenance Kit

The kit boasts a large empty compartment that can be used for storage of ammo or extra cleaning supplies.

remington hunting cleaning and maintenance kit

Organization is simple with the zip down side compartments holding the tools and cleaning supplies.

This is a great case to take on the go with a durable shoulder strap that is included within the kit.

This Remington kit utilizes their patented Squeeg-E technology to replace the synthetic or cotton wipes.

It includes all the Squeeg-E's and bronze bore brushes to cover .22 to .50 calibers and .410 to 12 gauges. The kit is a great shotgun cleaning kit.

All are labeled for their specific caliber or gauge and have compartments in the kit to make organization a breeze.

In place of cleaning rods, this kit contains cleaning cables in various lengths to fit pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

A T-handle grip is also included that will make using these cables much more convenient and efficient.

The common accessory pieces are also present in this kit such as both nylon and brass brushes and a threaded revolver adapter.

Both solvent and oil are provided in the kit with a 1 ounce bottle of Rem Oil and a 0.5 ounce bottle of Rem All In Bore Cleaner. A cleaning mat and cloth is also included within this kit.

Oils And Cleaners

After repeated use, the powder and other residues left behind in your chamber and barrel need to be removed or you face rusting and fouling.

This can lead to decreased reliability and function of your weapon.

In today’s firearm cleaning community, the role of solvent and lubricator has been rolled into one product. This allows for a much more efficient cleaning of the weapon.

Just to give you a few options, we have listed three of the most bought and trusted gun cleaners. We have a full list of other great gun oils as well.

Remington Rem Oil​

Remington Rem Oil

Rem oil is one of the most trusted gun oil products. It's no surprise that it's very popular among firearms enthusiasts.

Not only is it an excellent lubricant, it is also great at breaking apart corrosion within the chamber and barrel.​

A popular item is Rem Oil in the spray can so that you can easily get it into any place that needs cleaning.

​A special Teflon formula helps coat your gun metal for extra long lubrication. Rem Oil also comes in a regular bottle version.

It is great for getting some on your cleaning cloth so that you can wipe down your firearm.​

I personally use both of these items and they perform every single time.​

Hoppe's #9​

hoppes no 9 gun bore cleaner

A vast majority of hunters and marksmen will tell you that Hoppe’s #9 is the best bore cleaner that they have ever used.

It is second to none at removing corrosion and debris no matter how long your firearm has been sitting dirty.

All it takes is just a little bit to break up any build up of crud to get your gun squeaky clean again.

hoppes no 9 lubricating oil

And when it comes to lubrication, Hoppe's No. 9 also does a great job with their oil.​

The high viscosity oil helps put a solid coating on your gun metal.

That way it will prevent moisture and rust so that you can be sure that your firearm is in the best shape.​

The needle helps for precision oil placement in those tight spots.

The quality of the oil and the packaging make this the best gun lube that you can get.​

Break Free CLP​

break free clp 4 cleaner lubricant

If you look at the research that has gone into Break Free CLP you might be convinced this is the best gun cleaning solvent.​

This is a great alternative if you want something newer from an innovative company.

It's a synthetic oil, so it wont' lose viscosity or gum up in extreme environments.

It is extreme weather tested and proven, which is one more reason why it's the best gun solvent.

Kit Enhancers

Sometimes your kit may not have a specific item that works well for your firearm collection. Or maybe you just had a piece wear out or break.

That's where getting some enhancers for your kit really helps out a lot. Of course there are also some base items that you will need to restock on as well.

Cleaning Patches

For cleaning and oiling, patches are a necessity. Some of us like to use old worn out t-shirts or socks, which also work.

hoppes 9 gun cleaning patch

However, sometimes its just much easier to be able to buy some patches. The good thing is you can get a bunch for pretty cheap. Hoppe's has a great grab bag of them.

Cleaning Swabs​

For the more difficult spots, it's good to have some long cotton swabs on hand.

gun cleaning cotton swabs

​These cotton swabs are great for cleaning the trigger area as well as getting into the chamber where your normal wipes and rod won't take you.

More Cleaning Brushes​

If your kit doesn't have many brushes, or they have simply worn out from use, then there are some great sets out there.​ SE has a nice 5 piece set with 3 brushes and 2 picks.

se gun cleaning set

Bore Snakes

If you haven't tried a bore snake, you should consider getting one and testing it out. It's a pretty efficient way of cleaning as compared to rods.​

sage braker snake brush

Sage and Braker makes some snakes for all sorts of calibers. It's a nice snake with a brush on the end that works really well.​

hoppes boresnake bore cleaner

Hoppe's 9 has their version for pistols as well. What's cool about it is that you can run it through your washing machine to clean it up when it gets dirty.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of kits for cleaning your guns that are on the market. These gun cleaning kit reviews should give you some great choices.

Some of them are geared toward specific types of weapons, but most of us need a kit that can cover the multiple types of weapons we have in our collection.

These five kits all can clean a wide variety of weapons and provides most of the necessary tools in one place for your convenience.

We also covered the top choices for cleaners and oils, as well as many different accessories to enhance your kit.​

This article should provide you with several excellent options of universal kits to get the job done.

Happy cleaning!

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