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Looking for the best hunting knife reviews on the internet?

Here's the thing:

One single knife that is the best in the world is a bit of a myth, for it assumes that there is one and only one superior knife above the rest.

In reality, there are many knives out there that are great, and they come in some different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Here's why:

Each hunter must decide which specific knife aligns best with their skill set, the type of animal they are hunting, the activities they do on a hunt, and their own personal preferences.

Morakniv Companion Outdoor

Look at it this way:

For new hunters, it is often best to go with what the majority of hunters have used the most and liked.

This guarantees that the new hunter has a high probability of buying a knife that fits them well starting out.

For veteran hunters, its great to see what others are using most to possibly consider something even better than the tried and true that you have been using.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best hunting knives in the world.

This lists of knives is what most hunters have used over the decades, and many are well known and loved in the hunters' community.

Let's first take a look at the table to see which ones are the best. Next, we will go through the criteria that is important to consider when buying a hunting knife. Then, we will go through some reviews for each of the ones in the list.

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Best Hunting Knife Comparison Table



Blade Length

Blade Material



Morakniv Companion Outdoor Carbon Steel

Morakniv Companion Outdoor


1095 HC


Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter


420 HC SS


Ka-bar Becker BK2

Ka-bar Becker BK2


1095 Cro-Van


Schrade Extreme Survival

Schrade Extreme Survival


1095 HC


Buck 119 Special

Buck Knives 119 Special


420 HC SS


Comparison Criteria

Here we are going to talk about the 5 biggest factors when choosing a knife for hunting.


There is never one tool, like a knife, that can do all things outdoors related. Therefore, it is important that you think about what you need the knife to do.

If you are into bigger game like elk, then you might need a bigger knife. It comes down to preference and how you use the knife. Some hunters love small knives no matter the size of the game.

Also, do you plan on processing any wood while you're out hunting? If so, you need your knife to be a mid size or bigger, depending on how much and how big are the pieces of wood you will process.


Things like blade length, width, and thickness come into play depending on precisely what you plan on doing with your knife. Skinning, gutting, and boning are all activities that can be enhanced by different styles of blades.

best hunting knife

Also, you want to consider a blade steel that is strong enough for the type of tasks you will use it for.

If you are going to be batoning wood after the hunt at camp, then consider a strong blade that will hold up to the abuse.

Also, what does your maintenance plan look like for the knife and what type of environment will it be in most of the time?

You can get stronger blades with higher carbon that are more prone to rust. Or you can get stainless steel for better rust resistance.

If you choose higher carbon, you should consider maintaining your knife well by cleaning and oiling it. If your environment is wetter, and you need more rust protection, consider a stainless steel blade.


You need a handle that has a good comfortable grip so that you don't get fatigued while processing your meat. Slip resistance is also critical when your hands deep in blood and guts.


A hardy sheath that will keep your knife stored properly is a must for both safety and for good knife maintenance. Consider how you will carry your knife and whether or not you need a good belt clip.


A good quality knife is usually a lifelong investment, so you want a knife that is designed and built well to last a long time.

Top 5

1. Morakniv Companion Outdoor

Morakniv Companion Outdoor Carbon Steel

The Morakniv Companion Outdoor is the best fixed blade hunting knife because it excels at all of the criteria that we care about in a hunting knife, and it is extremely affordable.

New hunters and veterans both will be extremely happy with this knife.

The 4.1 inch long blade has a 0.08 inch thickness and comes in two options of high carbon or stainless steel.

Morakniv Companion Outdoor Stainless Steel

If you are looking to do more wood processing during the hunt, consider the high carbon version.

If you do not plan on doing as much wood processing and are more concerned about rust resistance, then the stainless steel version is the way to go.

Both are about the same price.

The Morakniv Companion Outdoor comes in a nice plastic sheath and has a very comfortable handle. For those that don't know, Mora is a well known knife brand in this arena.

2. Buck Knives 110

Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Next on the list is the famous Buck Knives 110, which has been around for a long time and has been used by many hunters.

It is by far the best folding hunting knife out there. If you are not looking for a bulky fixed blade knife and want something more portable, then this is your knife.

The blade is 3.75 inches long and made from 420 high carbon stainless steel.

It has that classic look with its wood and brass handle. It comes in a black leather sheath that you can put on your belt.

Buck is well known and this knife is the work horse for the hunting community.

3. Ka-bar Becker BK2

Ka-bar Becker BK2

If you have more money to spend and want more of a beefier knife that can also function as a great camping knife, then consider the Ka-bar Becker BK2.

It has a 5.25 inch long blade made from 1095 cro-van steel and comes with a glass filled Nylon sheath for storage.

This knife, given its size, will not be as precise in doing fine work. If that is an issue for you, consider teaming up this knife with the Morakniv Companion Outdoor or the Buck 110.

4. Schrade Extreme Survival

Schrade Extreme Survival

If you are looking for a bigger and very versatile knife, then the Schrade Extreme Survival is the answer.

It sports a 6.4 inch long 1095 high carbon steel blade with a Kraton handle. The knife comes with a ballistic Nylon sheath.

This knife is great for those heavier processing jobs and is made to last a life time.

Given its size, this knife is best paired with one of the smaller options for the best overall capability on your hunting trip.

5. Buck Knives 119

Buck 119 Special

The Buck Knives 119 is a classic hunting knife and is loved by hunters everywhere. It has been around for a long time and continues to be a top performer.

It has a 6 inch long blade made from 420 high carbon stainless steel. The design is fantastic for wood and meat processing, which makes it a great hunting asset.

It comes with a fitted leather sheath that you can keep on your belt.

You can choose between black and brown to match your own personal style.

This knife is a legend in its own right, a crowd favorite that keeps on pleasing, and an overall good hunting knife.


Morakniv Companion Outdoor Carbon Steel

In summary, we mentioned that there is no such thing as the perfect knife, and that knives are designed differently to match the specific sets of activities that a person needs to use it for.

With this in mind, depending on your experience level as a hunter, you will have different levels of preferences given how and what you hunt.

We covered the criteria that most hunters look for in finding their knife. Then, we took a look at the top winners.

The Morakniv Companion Outdoor, for its price and all of the features that is has cannot be beat.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter

If you have more specialized needs, or need something different, we looked at some other fantastic options.

Don't forget the Buck 110 folder as a great additional knife for your hunt.

An important thing to know is to always pay attention to the knife laws in your specific area before you buy.

You need to make sure that you are obeying the law and the first step is to inform yourself what the law is in your state, county, and local area. You can call your local police station or county Sherriff and ask, or do research online.

Happy hunting!

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