The 5 Best Semi Auto Shotguns

Looking for the best semi auto shotgun? In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 5 options.

Shotguns are some of the most versatile weapons. They are widely used, and semi autos are becoming more popular.

Just in case anyone is unfamiliar, semiautomatic refers to the action of the shotgun.

In a pump action shotgun, each trigger pull fires one shell. Then, you manually pump the action to extract the spent shell and chamber the next one.

With a semiautomatic shotgun, the weapon automatically chambers the next shell. Generally, the weapon used gas blowback to cycle through shells. As you can imagine, this allows you to fire shells in extremely quick succession.

Firing shells at a faster rate can be an appealing feature for many shotgun users. In a home defense situation, this is an excellent feature. While hunting, a faster follow-up shot could be beneficial.

The cons of semiautomatic shotguns are that they are more expensive and less reliable. While weapon technology has come a long way, there is still more that can jam in a semiautomatic than in a pump action.

However, due to these technological advances, we would not worry too much about the reliability aspect of a semiautomatic shotgun. I've been on many hunts and trips to the clay target range and haven't had a jam yet.

 If you are looking for your next shotgun, let's look at some of the best options in this semi automatic shotgun review of the top 5.

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Best Semi Auto Shotguns - Top 5

1. Remington Model 1100

Simply, Remington shotguns are some of the best on the market. They are the kind of weapon that will be passed down through your family because they are so reliable and long lasting. My favorite duck hunting shotgun is still my grandpa’s old Remington 870.

With the Model 1100, there are five different versions. The American Classic is very popular and beautifully styled.

There are specific versions available for trap shooting and competition. The Sporting version is the most affordable and would be a good choice for hunting.

All the versions are reliable, handle great, and feel balanced. The recoil is not too bad. They are enjoyable to shoot, making them the best 12 gauge semi auto shotgun around. Of course, it comes in 20 gauge as well.

The magazine capacity, weights, and sizes are varied depending on the exact model. Additionally, most of the models are available in different gauges.

The cons of the Model 1100 are their expensive price tag. However, the different versions of this shotgun can easily fit your needs and are the best all around semi auto shotguns.

2. Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 is the premier tactical semiautomatic shotgun. The Remington would be better suited for trap shooting, competition shooting, and hunting, but the Benelli M4 is the absolute best choice for up close and personal.

If you want to explore more options to protect your loved ones, check out our best picks for home defense shotguns.

This shotgun achieves premier tactical status based on a few things. It is made of a synthetic material, has a picatinny rail system, has a large magazine capacity, and most importantly, has a pistol grip.

These features make it an excellent home defense and tactical shotgun as evidenced by its use in the military.

The pros of this shotgun, other than the aforementioned features, are its durability and sights. The sights are fully adjustable and easy to use. You can easily mount your own sight on the picatinny rail system.

The cons of this shotgun are limited to the price. This is the most expensive on our list. If you liked the pros of this shotgun, but are not thrilled about the price, check out the Benelli M2 as well.

3. Browning A5

This semi-auto shotgun has a legendary name, as it is the name of the original semiautomatic shotgun. However, as times have changed, Browning has made some significant changes to its original A5 design.

These changes have made for a reliable shotgun.

While it still shares the same shape as the original A5, nearly everything else about the weapon has changed. The internal parts have all been changed. This increases the cycling speed and reliability.

The shotgun is extremely balanced and easy to use. The reliability is unmatched. Browning backs it with a 100,000 round or 5-year warranty. This kind of guaranteed reliability is nearly impossible to find in a semi-auto shotgun.

The fast cycling comes from the fact that the mechanism uses the shotgun’s recoil. This makes it one of the fastest cycling shotguns on the market.

There are multiple versions available. Each version fills a different role. Regardless of your use for a shotgun, there is an A5 version available for you. They are generally not as expensive as the previous two shotguns.

4. Mossberg 930

Next on the list is the Mossberg 930. This shotgun, like many others on the list, has a few different versions. There are a couple aimed at competitive shooting, one for hunting, and one labeled the tactical version.

All of these shotguns are excellent quality. They cycle extremely fast thanks to their dual vent system. The sights on all of the models are easy to use. These shotguns are reliable and durable.

Another pro of these shotguns is the price. These guns are affordably priced without sacrificing too much in terms of quality, making it the best semi auto shotgun for the money.

While they are not as high quality as the Browning or the Remington, they are also better quality than most cheap weapons, and the winner for best budget shotgun.

5. Beretta A300

One final great semi-auto shotgun is the Beretta A300. These shotguns are great looking but also offer great quality. Just like every other shotgun on the list, there are a few different versions available. Be sure to check them all out.

The pros of the A300 are its balance, light weight, reliability, and ease of use. Despite the light weight, the shotgun still handles the recoil well.

Another surprise for a lightweight shotgun is its balance. The shotgun shoots well overall. Given its price, it is the second best semi auto shotgun under 1000 on the list.

While all shotguns are easy to use, this one goes even further in that it is easy to maintain. This shotgun can be broken down and cleaned easily. It is likely the easiest on our list.

While it could serve other purposes, the A300 is designed for the hunter. It is durable and reliable. For other uses, there are better shotguns on this list.

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