Best Shaving Soap – Top 10 For The Perfect Shave

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There's nothing quite like using the best shaving soap. Once you try it, you'll never be able to go back to what you used before.

best shaving soap

We've all been there...

A crappy shave: stubble patches, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps. It sucks.

I know what you're thinking...

You say well that's just a part of shaving.

Except that it's not true. Shaving can be an awesome experience when you use the right products and techniques.​

It turns out...​

Getting the right shaving soap is the beginning of a fantastic shaving experience. Not only does the result look great afterwards, but it's also fun and enjoyable to shave.​

That's why in this article, we are going to look at the top 10 shaving soap reviews. That way you can get started on your own perfect shave by getting the best shave soap. It is one of many factors in male grooming.

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Best Shaving Soap - Top 10

When you look at the ingredients of the typical canned shaving soap at your local store, chances are that you will not recognize more than half of the ingredients.

Like so many others you may have lost sight of the fact that you can actually achieve a wonderful shave with high quality soaps.

What was once considered old has come back around full-circle. If you are willing to give it an honest try, you will discover the joy of shaving with wonderful, natural ingredients.

If you are a man of courage and are willing to give this an honest try, it may not be practical to simply jump in and buy the first soap you see.

Due to the return in popularity of shaving with hard soap, many manufacturers are jumping into the fray. However, not all soaps are created equal.

For a more balanced approach, consider one of the following products to make sure you get the best ones out there.

1. Proraso


If you have never used a high-quality shave product, your face is in for a most luxurious experience if you choose Proraso shaving soap.

Chances are you will experience one of the closest, smoothest shaves of your life.

 Afterwards the fresh, tingling of eucalyptus and menthol will make you want to shave again and again.

The thick, rich lather rivals that of any canned cream and your razor of choice will glide almost effortlessly through even the toughest beard.

Not only will shaving with Proraso leave your face looking better than ever, the handsome green container enhances any grooming area.

You may even want to leave it out in the open so your friends will ask about it. You will want to share your experience!

Proraso is a great Italian company that has been around for over 100 years.​

2. Henry Cavendish

Henry Cavendish Himalaya

The Europeans do not have a corner on the shave soap market. This is where Henry Cavendish comes in. 

It is most evident through the exceptional quality of this wonderful soap.

The combination of glycerin and all-natural oils such as coconut, castor, and safflower not only create a pleasing aroma, but also combine for a slick and protective buffer between your face and razor.

This eliminates the razor burn left behind by other creams that contain alcohols and other skin irritants.

If those were not enough reasons, the luxury of this Cavendish soap is further enhanced by the creamy lather of shea butter.

To top it off, the soap is infused with a wonderful men’s fragrance called Himalaya perfume.

3. Proraso Sensitive Skin

Proraso Sensitive Skin

Not all men’s faces are created equal.

A shaving line from a company with the reputation as high as Proraso would not be complete without a soap formulated especially for men with sensitive skin.

This soap contains the trusted ingredients of glycerin and coconut oil, making it the best shaving soap for sensitive skin.

 As an added layer of comfort, Proraso has added the skin soothing protectant of oatmeal extract and the antioxidant properties of green tea.

This solution is a little softer than the typical shave soap, but remains stiffer than shave cream.

It may take a little getting used to in order to make it last, but those with sensitive skin will relish the feel of a real man’s shave again.

4. Col. Conk

Col. Conk

If you are like many other men out there today, chances are you may not want to jump into a single soap not knowing how it will affect your nose.

Because there are so many aroma soaps to choose from, consider trying a 4-pack sample of Colonel Conk.

With aromas such as Almond, Amber, Bayrum, and Lime, you will likely find at least one to your liking, if not all.

Even so, this brand of soap is not just about fragrance. These soaps are all glycerin based and contain all-natural oils for a great quality shave.

5. Men's Soap Company

Men's Soap Company Himalaya

If you are a “man-of-the-earth” and want to feel as connected to nature as possible, look no further than this wonderful soap.

The ingredient list is kept to a minimum of all-natural ingredients.

With a slight hint of Himalaya perfume, this soap is said to have a very earthy scent.

This soap is proof that one does not need to be able to understand the periodic table in order to appreciate fine quality soap.

The ingredients are all plant based and include coconut, castor, and safflower oils. The incredibly thick, creamy lather is produced with the help of all natural Shea butter.

6. Williams Mug

Williams Mug

Those who may be intrigued at the retro experience may want to consider this long enduring brand.

You will not find the same all-natural and exotic ingredients of most soap in this product, but what you will find is a simple and wonderful shave.

They have been making it since the 1840’s.

 If longevity is an important factor in your decision making, there are not many others with such a claim.

If you have tried other soaps and have some concern that this soap just would not be able to compete without the fancy oils, you may just owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Williams is an economical soap, but it can definitely compete with all the others as it has for a very long time.

7. Lather & Wood

Lather & Wood

Tallow is not found in many of the other soaps on this list, but that makes it no less a competitor for a great shave.

The option by Lather & Wood is a great choice.​

The combination of both tallow and Shea butter create such a thick and creamy lather it may have to be experienced to comprehend.

To help glide the blade through your beard, but safely away from the skin, are the familiar ingredients of glycerin and coconut oil.

The fragrance is very mild, but leaves your face feeling clean, fresh, and most important, smooth.

8. WSP Luxury Rustic

WSP Luxury Rustic

Another all-natural, vegan soap, the WSP Luxury Rustic is a treat for just about any man.

If you have never traveled to Italy and experienced a great barber shop shave, just pick up a can of this soap and your nose will do the travelling for you.

This soap is made in the United States.

You will be surprised how good a shave you can get with this simple soap.

The fragrance in the Rustic line is not specifically called out by name, but if you enjoy the light scent of spring in the woods, this may just be the perfect balance of nature and comfort for your shave.

9. Bull and Bell Bay Rum Luxury

Bull and Bell Bay Rum Luxury

The Bay Rum fragrance has long been a mainstay in the shaving soap industry and this hits that mark with high notes.

The combined aroma of rum, bay leaves, and citrus make this a truly manly entry in the shaving world.

This is what is considered an artisan brand and is produced in very small, carefully controlled batches by a company that is proud of its contribution to such a highly competitive field.

Although the Bay Rum scent has been around for quite some time, this soap also incorporates a unique combination of Mango Butter, coconut, and cherry kernel oils.

You may want to try this one out for yourself if for no other reason than its uniqueness.

10. Barrister and Mann Tallow

Barrister and Mann Tallow

If you prefer tradition over the exotic, the timeless aroma of this soap may bring back memories of your grandfather’s shaving when you visited as a young boy.

Perhaps with the longest list of ingredients among the choices on this list, it may prove difficult to determine just which scent you are smelling.

 Rest assured, pleasant is the sum total.

The lather is boosted by tallow, Shea butter, and coconut milk all together in once single soap.

Your nose will be happily tickled by the fragrances of Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary, and Patchouli oils.

But Barrister and Mann did not stop there. While this soap utilizes the gliding power of glycerin, you will also discover the wonder of lanoline, allantoin, and silk protein.


If you are still asking yourself if shaving soaps are for you, it may be time to just take a chance on at least one of these options.

Like so many men before you who may have been reluctant at first, once you experience the shave produced by such luxurious soaps, not only will you never turn back to the can, but also you will rediscover the pure joy of shaving that seems to have skipped a generation.

Yes, it may take a little more time to prepare the lather just right for your face, but the result achieved will make you wonder why you never tried this before.

If you still have that can of aerosol shave cream, just throw it away now before it leaves a rust stain on your sink, because you will probably never use it again.

When you finish your shave, consider using an awesome aftershave for a more satisfying experience.​

If you ever plan on growing out a beard, keep in mind that there are some great products out that that you can use to make sure you have the best beard possible.​

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