Rocky S2V Boots Review: Get The Best Tactical Boots For Combat

rocky s2v boots

Are you looking for the best tactical boots built for combat? In this article, we are going to review the top three Rocky S2V boots and what makes them some of the most rugged and durable boots made in America.

I'm sure you know this, but...​

Rocky boots have been a staple for soldiers, law enforcement, and workers of America for the past 80 years.

There is a reason Rocky has shown such longevity and why these three models are the most popular in America.

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But you're probably wondering:

What makes these boots so special? That's a fair question.

In this article we will detail why the American soldier and worker prefer the S2V model boots.

Here's one reason why they're awesome:

All Rocky military boots are Berry-compliant, meaning all materials used are high quality and American made.

This Rocky Boots review will give you insight as to why this American brand has been around for so long and why they are here to stay.

Don't forget that boots are only one piece of your overall tactical gear plan.

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S2V - FQ0000101

rocky s2v fq0000101

A favorite among the military, these are uniform compliant and were built to last with a high-walled Vibram sole and durable material able to withstand cuts, abrasions, punctures and animal bites.

They are the best army combat boots and have a great reputation.

The boots are made using triple stitching to decrease boot breakdown in the field and have a height of 8 inches.

One very innovative feature of this boot is the cupped sole at the ankle region. The ankle sits within this cup instead of on top of the sole providing ankle-roll protection.

The perforated Air-Port footbed also provides stability and comfort for extended periods to all areas of your feet. These are some of the most comfortable tactical boots you can get.

The leather is flash and water resistant with PFTE treated 1,000-denier Cordura paneling to provide the boots with flame resistance.

Fiberglass shanks and SuperFabric instep panels will provide increased support and decrease early boot wear from extended use and rope burn.

A major concern for most boot wearers is the type of fit a work boot will have regardless if the size is correct.

best tactical boots

The stretch Lycra tongue of the S2V models will provide a snug, comfortable fit for any type and shape of foot.

The boot boasts the S2V sieve technology, which circulates air through the boot at three different locations.

This removes excess moisture while preventing the movement of small, irritating particles in the boot.

After being fully submerged you can have a dry foot within an hour of walking. They are also not too heavy, which makes them lightweight tactical boots.

This technology, along with the inner lining Wicking Dri-Lex and Aegis Microbe Shield, will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi and keep your feet healthy and dry, preventing boot rot.

This model has been tested through Ranger school and multiple tours of duty for all branches of the military, a true testament to its durability and function.

The technology that has been put into these boots has the soldier in mind, which makes them some of the best army boots you can get.

S2V  - FQ0000103

rocky s2v fq0000103

These boots offer a variety of color schemes to fit various uniform compliances.

Whether Military or someone looking for a pair of boots to take in the backcountry this model will provide the quality and comfort needed.

In fact, these are some of the most comfortable combat boots available.

Soldiers who have used the same pair of boots for several years during deployment back the durability of these boots!

These boots are made from tough, water resistant suede and leather and PFTE treated 1,000-denier Cordura paneling for flame resistance.

They also contain a stretch Lycra tongue that will give you a great, snug fit for any size and type of foot and the triple stitching helps keep these boots functional for even the most active wearer.

The high-walled Vibram sole provides a stable base while the perforated Air-Port footbed and polyurethane (PU) midsoles provide excellent shock absorption caused by running and jumping, a common occurrence for soldiers in action.

The Sage Green Work Boots also utilize the Rocky SV2 sieve technology with three vents to allow maximum air ventilation and to push water out when walking.

This, coupled with the Aegis Micro Shield provides excellent protection against boot rot and foot fungus.

Plus, the weight isn't too bad, making them great lightweight combat boots.

S2V - FQ0000105

rocky s2v fq0000105

This model is made from high quality suede and leather and comes in desert tan.

This model is uniform compliant for military men and women and has a height of 8 inches.

The boots have many of the same features as previous models including the Vibram high-walled sole, S2V sieve technology to circulate air and remove water, and PTFE treatment of side panels for flame resistance.

These boots are also triple stitched to provide increased durability for long deployments in the field.

A major setback for anyone spending time on their feet is the discomfort caused by foot fungus.

The inner lining of the boots contains both Wicking Dri-Lex lining and Aegis Microbe Shield to prevent moisture build-up that leads to fungal or bacterial growth on the feet.

Keeping the inside of the boot dry also prevents rotting of the boot material.

The perforated Air-Port sole and high ankle design helps aid in the roll-stop ankle stability technology that has come to be associated with Rocky military boots.

This technology coupled with the Lycra tongue keeps a secure fit for hours at a time. Fiberglass shanks help give these boots strong support structures and help reduce foot fatigue when in the field.

The Rocky Air-Port cushioned footbed, PU insoles, and leather instep panel provide not only support for all regions of the foot, but also comfort for extended use.

This technology, along with the Lycra tongue, gives you a comfortable, secure fit and provides anti-ankle roll support.

The weight on these is also pretty decent, so they are considered lightweight military boots.


Rocky has created the ultimate all-purpose, best military boots for those in the armed service or who need reliable, rugged boots for intense outdoor activities.

rocky s2v fq0000102

The company has taken all of the needs and potential problems that soldiers encounter in the field and have provided the best combat boots to meet and conquer those obstacles.

If you are looking for these boots in black, you're in luck. The FQ0000102 are just as awesome as the others.

Hopefully, this Rocky S2V review has provided the details and characteristics that make Rocky boots the staple footwear for America’s military, law enforcement, and outdoorsmen.

This tactical boots review shows you three solid options, all of which provide great value.

When your job and duty require extended time on your feet, intense movement, and facing hazardous environments, Rocky tactical boots get the job done.

If performance means a lot to you, go ahead and get you some soldier boots.

If you are looking for other boots that have similar great features, but are more designed for the wilderness, check out our top 3 review.

What's your experience with these boots? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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