Top 10 Best Thermos For Coffee And Soup

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Having the best thermos is a great way to keep your drinks and your food at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

Here's the thing:

Many of us depend on several cups of coffee in the morning to get the day started out right.

I don't know about you, but I can be pretty grumpy without it.

best thermos

The catch?

We don't usually have the time to drink several cups at home before we leave for work.

And shoot, the prices these days for coffee at some place is pretty crazy.

There's a solution:

A thermos provides the ability to have a warm or cold drink on hand. It gives us the convenience of being able to bring your favourite beverage with you.

There's no more need to stop for some overpriced drink when you can bring the good stuff from home.

Same thing goes for food...

What's awesome is that there are also great containers to keep lunch or dinner at the perfect temperature. That way you can have your favorite soup, stew, or chili any time you want it.

I did a ton of research and rounded up the top 10 thermos for both drinks and food. Not only are they the most popular ones, but also the best performing.

That way you can choose one that works great, with an awesome price.

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Top 10 Best Thermos

A fun fact is that we often call these things a thermos, when there's actually a company named Thermos as well that sells them.

However, there are several other great companies out there selling these things too. These containers are commonly known as vacuum flasks.

Here are the best thermos reviews:

1. Contigo Austoseal

Contigo Autoseal

The Contigo Austoseal keeps your drink at the perfect temperature.

Warm drinks, like coffee, can be kept warm for up to 5 hours and cool drinks can be kept for 12 hours.

This is perfect for your morning coffee. It has a modern, sleek design, which fits easily into one hand.

The best feature by far is the auto sealing lid.

You simply push the button on the front, which opens the mouth door that you can drink from. When you let go of the button, the door closes, preventing any unwanted spills.

The latest product update made it much easier to be able to clean the lid fully so that you can keep this thing clean with minimal work.

The lid can also be washed in the dishwasher so that you make sure to take care of any left over germs on occasion.

It has been designed to be spill-proof to avoid unfortunate accidents at your home, in your car, or at your work.

All of these features make this one the best coffee thermos by far.

2. Thermos King 16

Thermos King 16

The Thermos King 16 uses an insulated design to regulate the temperature of your drink.

This unit is 16 ounces, but if you want something bigger, there are the 24, 40, and 68 ounce versions as well.

One awesome feature about the 16 ounce is that it fits under single serve machines like a Keurig if you have one.

I don't know about you, but that's a time saver.

It means you don't have to put some cup under the Keurig when you brew the coffee, then transfer it to this mug and clean up the mess. That makes this the best thermos for coffee as well.

The container can keep drinks hot for 7 hours or cold for 18 hours.

There is also a tea hook for the folks that prefer tea over coffee for the morning routine. The hook feature makes it the best thermos for tea.

The lid is pretty easy to use with a lever that slides open and closed when you're ready to take a drink. 

The unit is pretty stylish and fits in most car cup holders. You can get it in several colors including black, blue, red, pink, and silver.

3. Zojirushi SM-SA60-BA

Zojirushi SM-SA60-BA

The Zojirushi SM-SA60-BA has a compact, slender design and comes in a variety of colors.

This one has a 20 ounce capacity, which is really nice.

The container comes apart easily and is pretty simple to clean.

The flip-lid and the insulation help this container to regulate the temperature of your beverage for hours. The company backs up the performance with a 5 year warranty.

4. Thermos Foogo

Thermos Foogo

The Thermos Foogo is a nice little container if you want to keep your food at the right temperature.

It can keep food cold for up to 7 hours or hot for 5 hours.

It is sturdy and is easy to fill and empty.

What's great about it is that you can take the lid off and throw the whole thing in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

While it's great for adults, it was also designed with kids in mind. For this reason it is the best food thermos for the whole family to use.

This container is perfect for storing your lunch for school, work, or a picnic. If you don't mind bringing your own spoon, the Foogo is the best soup thermos.

5. Thermos King Food 16

Thermos King Food 16

What do you do when you've brought your lunch to work, but forgot a spoon?

The Thermos King Food 16 provides a spoon that fits inside the lid. The lid can also be used as a serving bowl.

They thought of everything when they made this one. It also holds up to 16 ounces.

Its stainless steel interior and exterior means it is a tough container for your food.

It can keep your food hot for 9 hours or cold for 14 hours. Want something for the end of your shift? No problem here. The included spoon and bowl lid make it the best thermos for soup.

If you want something bigger, you can get this unit in 24 ounces as well.

6. Thermos King Travel

Thermos King Travel

The Thermos King Travel is a stainless steel travelling mug designed for the ease of those who are constantly on the move.

The double layers keep your beverage warm for 5 hours or cold for 9 hours.

The handle makes it easy to use while driving.

For the tea fans out there, there is a tea hook in the bottom of the lid.

7. Thermos Hydration 18

Thermos Hydration 18

The Thermos Hydration 18 is an attractive container with a sturdy design.

A rubber grip makes it easy for you to sip from while driving or holding other items in your hand.

It has a capacity of 18 ounces. There is also a 24 ounce version if you need more.

An easy push button allows you to open and seal the container.

This container is marketed as a cold drink only unit that works for up to 12 hours and is the best thermos bottle.

However, insulation works the same way for hot or cold drinks by keeping heat either in or out for a certain amount of time. Many people use it for hot drinks as well without any problems.

8. Stanley Classic

Stanley Classic

Chances are you have seen this bad boy on the job in your lifetime.

The Stanley Classic is a vacuum model based on a successful 100 year old design.

This is a strong and durable container, which will not rust or leak.

The lid provided with the container can be used as an 8 ounce cup.

Beverages placed within it can be kept both hot and cold for over 24 hours, making this the elite in terms of temperature performance.

There are also many sizes to choose from so that you can get what you need to match your preferences.

9. Thermos Compact 32

Thermos Compact 32

The simple, easy to handle design of this container makes it is easy to carry with you wherever you go.

A vacuum design gives this unit some top level performance by keeping drinks cold or hot for 24 hours.

The stainless steel container is elegant and simple.

A 32 ounce capacity means you can store a lot.

It is also very hardy and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear, which means it will last you a very long time.

10. Thermos Commuter 16

Thermos Commuter 16

The Thermos Commuter 16 stores both hot and cold beverages within an easy to carry and easy to handle container.

The 16 ounce capacity is just the right size.

It can keep drinks hot for 8 hour or cold for 12 hours.

The lid is easy to open for times when your attention is focused elsewhere and is also easily sealed with the press of a button.


Having the right portable container is the best way to keep your coffee, tea, or food at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

Nothing is better than an easy to use, easy to clean, portable mug for that morning routine where you can make your drink at home on the cheap and enjoy it all morning long.

Also, having that hot soup at lunch has never been easier. It helps us all get through the day.

Next time you head out on the lake to catch some trout, or drive out to the woods to get a turkey, remember that you can take some comforts from home with you.

We covered the top 10 best insulated thermos out there right now, based on performance and best price. There are plenty of different styles and sizes available to meet your needs.

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