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Your job, chores outside, or hobby gets a whole lot better when you have the best work gloves.

best work gloves

Here's the thing...

From construction workers, mechanics, warehouse workers, and all of the jobs in between, the majority of Americans go to work every day and rely on their hands.

Or maybe you just work around the house or on the farm.​

Whatever the work is, gloves are critical for your hands.​

Let me explain:

Quality work gloves provide added protection, better grip, insulation, and an overall better work experience.

Getting your hands torn up, shredded, or blistered isn't manly, its simply foolish. Hands in great shape are hands that can keep working.​

Whether you need extra finesse and dexterity, heavy protection, breathability, or an assortment of the above, there's some gloves that will suit your needs.

Here's the good news:

I went out and did a ton of research. What I found is the absolute best options out there to protect your hands during all sorts of different kinds of work.​

In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 work gloves available and detail what makes them worth using on the job.

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Best Work Gloves - Top 10

1. CLC 125 Handyman

Custom Leathercraft 125 Handyman Flex Grip

The Custom Leathercraft (CLC) gloves are available in several different sizes.

The inherent stretch of these gloves from the spandex gives them a great fit for any size hand.

They are made from synthetic leather as well as polyester, elastic, PVS, and foam.

The gloves have padded knuckles and reinforced fingertips for added resistance.

The fingertips also feature material that allows touch screen use, an important quality for those who need to operate any sort of electronic device.

The palms of these gloves have a layer of syntrex microfiber that provides extra gripping ability as well as abrasion resistance.

The elastic cuff provides adjustment for a loose or tight fitting glove.

The Handyman Flex Grip gloves are outstanding for general purpose projects where some extra protection is needed for your hands.

They tend to add a little extra bulk to the hand so they might not be great for detailed mechanical work where your hands need to get into tight spaces.

2. G & F Seamless Nylon Knit Nitrile Coated

G & F Seamless Nylon Knit Nitrile Coated

These are great gloves for general yard work and gardening.

There are multiple sizes available for both men and women.

If your work requires a little more protection, these gloves are also available in a double nitrile coating.

The comfortable knit wrist allows these gloves to go on and off the hand easily.

The design of these gloves provides excellent hand fitting and flexibility for yard work.

The nitrile palm coating also provides excellent palm and finger protection for any sort of task.

3. Carhartt WP A511

Carhartt WP A511

If you work out in the cold, you'll definitely want to get some gloves that are insulated.

The Carhartt WP gloves are perfect for the cold and are available in both black or black/brown color schemes.

You will not have to worry about sweaty hands with the Dr-Max Waterproof insert in these gloves that wicks up moisture quickly.

They utilize an ultra-soft insulation so these gloves can be used in cold weather comfortably.

These gloves also uses a nose wipe wrist strap made from fleece, a feature any worker will be thankful for at some point.

The shell is woven with a durable, all-purpose polytex to provide extra protection from abrasion. The palms maintain gripping strength with a polyurethane material.

They are definitely the best waterproof work gloves​ out there. If you work out in the cold, we have some other options in our review of winter gloves.

These are great gloves for general purpose work environments, but do not provide the best dexterity on the list and might be lacking when needing detailed work with your hands.

4. Bamboo Sensitive

Bamboo Sensitive

The Bamboo Sensitive gloves produced by Pine Tree Tools offer extreme breathability.

The four available sizes feel like a second skin.

These gloves are extremely flexible and will form to your hands for extra dexterity.

While these gloves are excellent for close work, they also provide excellent abrasion resistance.

Because these gloves are made from bamboo material, they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These are fantastic gloves for general lawn and garden work.

5. Mechanix Wear FastFit

Mechanix Wear FastFit

The Mechanix Wear FastFit work gloves are available from small to XXL sizes and are available in several colors.

The elastic cuff provides a secure fit with easy on/off flexibility.

The FastFit gloves feature a two palm material that helps keep the material from bunching when trying to grip.

This adds extra dexterity as well as more safety by keeping the gloves from being caught in equipment.

These gloves utilize Mechanix’s TrekDry material that wicks away moisture and keeps the hands cool.

The palm is weaved from synthetic leather that offers increased gripping power and flexibility. The form fitting stretch panels between the fingers give the glove a snug fit.

These are great gloves for mechanics, construction workers, and warehouse employees. They are not insulated, so they are not going to keep the hands warm in cold environments.

6. G & F Knit

G & F Knit

These gloves are cotton knit with blue textured latex on the palms and fingers.

They are available in several sizes and also in packs of ten.

The latex coating provides extra duty durability and protection for your palms and fingers.

These gloves provide excellent durability and are fantastic for work situations where finesse and high dexterity are not needed.

7. Ironclad Heavy Utility

Ironclad Heavy Utility

These are very popular work gloves among the construction site because they offer high protection without being cumbersome.

The PVC palm patches add abrasion resistance to the palm while increasing grip strength.

These gloves feature Duraclad reinforcement on high impact and high wear areas. Finger sidewalls are also used for increased structure and fit.

The Ironclad Heavy Utility Gloves also offer rubberized knuckle implants for incredible abrasion and blunt force resistance.

The low profile wrist cuff can be easily adjusted for a better fit.

8. Wells Lamont Full Leather

Wells Lamont Full Leather

If you want to go with a tried and true glove, then leather is the right material.

The Wells Lamont  glove, made from high-grade cowhide, provides incredible abrasion and puncture resistance.

It is the best heavy duty work gloves​ you can get from a company that's been around since 1907.

If you are running fence line or working in the garden, these gloves are an excellent choice to protect your hands from puncture wounds.

These gloves feature an adjustable wrist that holds gloves in place and prevents dirt and other debris from entering.

The reinforced leather patch increases the glove’s grip and reduces palm wear, making these the best leather work gloves.

These are the perfect gloves for heavy-duty work conditions where you can sacrifice dexterity for high protection.

9. Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile Grip

Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile Grip

These gloves fit extremely well and are one of the top glove brands for detail work.

Due to the nitrile-lined palm that provides incredible feel and grip, the glove is thin enough to almost feel like a second skin.

These gloves are also very breathable and can be used comfortably in any warm weather setting.

They have a very comfortable, tight fit that will not fatigue the hands when used for extended time.

10. Dewalt All Purpose Synthetic

Dewalt All Purpose Synthetic

These gloves are built with polyester and spandex.

On the backhand, the gloves feature a terry cloth material for wiping moisture without smearing.

The palms feature reinforced padding for reducing palm wear and adding gripping strength.

Between the fingers, the gloves have neoprene for added comfort as well as flexibility. Neoprene is used along the knuckle region for better dexterity.

These gloves feature an elastic cuff with a hook and loop closure for a secure, comfortable fit.

You can easily tell that these gloves were designed by workers for workers and are the glove of choice for delicate work.


Our hands are our life!

Whether your career involves heavy use of your hands or you like to work out in the yard on a Saturday, a quality pair of work gloves can increase your productivity and provide needed protection.

best leather work gloves

The type of work you are doing will determine which gloves are best for you.

For example, if you are working with sharp objects, you'll want thick enough protection for your hands.

However, you may not get as much dexterity with your gloves on.

So it becomes a trade between protecting your hands and being able to do the job.

In this article we have outlined 10 excellent work gloves that will be a perfect fit for your working conditions.

Great gloves can provide the needed comfort and protection your hands need on the jobsite. That ensures that you can keep working so that you can put food on the table.

If your gloves are needed for situations that are more tactical in nature, we have a great review for those type of gloves too.

Once you get your gloves, make sure you also have the right work pants. We put together an awesome top 10 list of those too over here.​

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Stephen Ryan - October 6, 2021

The gloves preformed well while I was outside shoveling and snowblowing snow at work. My hands stayed warm and dry. The only drawback which is common with water proof gloves is that your hands tend to sweat. The one thing that worried me was the stitching, it seems like the more stitching you have the more likely the gloves are to fall apart, but these have held up great! Very waterproof Aswell, I wore them on a day with plenty of rain, my hands never got wet.

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