Kershaw Blur Review

Kershaw Blur

In this Kershaw Blur review, we are going to look at one of the best and most popular pocket knives on the market.

Here's a fact:

There might not be anything more useful that you carry than a high-quality pocket knife. Many tasks throughout the day become much easier with a great knife.

kershaw blur review

But did you know?

Kershaw is the standard for American made, high quality knives.

What makes Kershaw blades stand out when compared to other available pocket knives?

They are known for making durable and versatile knives.

And there's more...

Not only do these knives have excellent functional qualities, but they are also reasonably priced and affordable for anyone looking for a quality knife.

In this review, we will take a look at the Blur produced by Kershaw.

By the end, I'm sure you'll be convinced that the worth of these knives is well beyond what you will pay. They are capable of replacing any pocket knife in your collection for day-to-day and outdoor uses.

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Kershaw Blur Review

There are few different variations of this knife, so we'll go over the two main ones and also point you to some of the other optional ones if they meet your preferences better.​

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur

Kershaw Blur

The original Blur folding knife, designed by the renowned knife maker Ken Onion, remains one of the best crafted, useful, and popular Kershaw models to this day.

The knife blade is 3.4 inches in length and has a slight recurve, making it excellent for cutting, slicing and piercing.

Forged from Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel with diamond-like coating (DLC), it has increased corrosion resistance.

This type of stainless steel not only holds up to corrosion but also can take and hold an edge well.

The 14C28N steel is a moderately hard, tough steel. What this means is you have a knife that is extremely versatile and can hold up to many tasks without chipping or losing its form.

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur

Apart from the functionality of the blade, the DLC gives this blade a beautiful, sharp looking black matte color.

There is also a serrated version of the blade giving you even more versatility in this knife for cutting chord and rope.

The Ken Onion Blur features thumb studs on both sides of the blade for an ambidextrous opening.

It utilizes the SpeedSafe assisted opening technology. SpeedSafe allows you to manually open the blade quickly and smoothly with little resistance while keeping the blade locked. The knife is unable to be opened simply by gravity.

This system is not considered an automatic opening knife as there is no release button, but it is as close to automatic as you can get.

There is a reason it is called the Blur. You will see where it gets its name the first time you bring the blade out.

kershaw blur blackwash

Once the blade has been opened, it will remain in place with the use of an inset liner lock.

This prevents the knife from closing even under extreme duress.

For the folks that want a more rugged looking knife instead of the regular black finish on the blade, there is a Blur Blackwash version available.​ It looks more tough and used right out of the box.

The Blur has an aircraft-grade aluminum handle with an anodized coating. The coating provides extreme durability for the handle.

It also features a Trac-Tec grip insert providing excellent, comfortable, and confident handling under any condition.

This is a near perfect pocketknife that comes with a reversible clip to fit your preferences of knife tip up or down.

Tip down gives you the advantage of not having to reposition the knife before opening. This can be important when your knife is needed immediately. This feature is often overlooked, but a useful quality to the Blur knife models.

This folding knife has an overall length of 7.9 inches and a closed length of 4.5 inches. The Ken Onion Blur has a weight of 3.9 ounces and is also available in an olive color handle.

kershaw blur tanto

If you want a more tactical point, the Ken Onion Blur is also available in a Tanto version.

The main difference in the Kershaw Blur Tanto version is the shape of the blade which has a more angled blade tip.

Any version of the Blur is a great knife for everyday use as well as durable and sturdy enough for camping and hunting purposes.

You can use it for tasks from cutting small limbs to field dressing small game.

Kershaw Blur S30V

kershaw blur s30v review

As far as a Kershaw Blur S30V review, it is very similar to the regular Blur. Let's look at the minor differences.

Like most Kershaw blades, the Blur S30V is a slightly recurved blade perfect for slicing and piercing.

The major difference here is that the blade is forged with powdered S30V stainless steel.

Powdered steel gives it the advantage of a fine grain and dense steel that is easier to take and hold an edge.

An attribute any knife owner wants in their blade.

It can be tough to get a uniform edge on the S30V stainless steel blade, but once you do it is a wickedly sharp edge. And it will hold its sharp edge for a decent period of time.

The handle of the Blur S30V is anodized aircraft grade aluminum with Trac-Tec inserts. This results in a non-slip, durable handle that makes you can feel safe using it in any condition.

kershaw blur s30v

The knife is produced with thumb studs on both sides of the blade.

The patented SpeedSafe opening system unique to Kershaw blades gives you a knife that opens smoothly and locks into place securely.

You will feel comfortable using it even in the most demanding conditions and situations. It also allows for quick, one-handed opening.

The knife only weighs 4 ounces with a total length of 7.9 inches with the blade open. The blade length is 3.4 inches. The pocket clip is reversible to allow the knife to be pocketed tip up or down depending on your preference.

All parts of the Blur S30V, including the steel, are American made and manufactured giving you a quality blade that will last for years.


Kershaw has been the standard for quality, American manufactured blades since the early 1970s. Both the regular Blur and Blur S30V do not deviate from this standard.

kershaw blur tiger stripe

They are made with high-quality steel that will take and hold an edge well and will not chip or lose form under normal tasks.

They both employ opening and locking safety systems that Kershaw is known for.

For the wild folks out there, you can also get the Blur Tiger Strip version that looks pretty sweet.​

The durability of both the blade and the handle make the Blur perfect for camping, hiking, and hunting purposes.

The size and weight make them perfect for the everyday American’s pocket knife.

If you are a big Kershaw fan and want to explore some of their other awesome knives, check out our Cryo and Leek articles.​

For those that are on a tighter budget, the Oso Sweet is a nice little knife at a great price. Another popular option that people get is the Clash.

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