Kershaw Clash Review: Performance EDC

In this Kershaw Clash review, we are going to see why the Clash is one of the best all around knives around.

kershaw clash review

The absolute first word that comes to mind to describe the Clash is “complete.”

Everything has been thought of in order to make this an ideal everyday carry pocket knife.

All the thinking has been done for you. Kershaw left no doubt about it.

Every single design feature was thought of with the typical user in mind.

For an extremely affordable price, you get a knife that has a reversible pocket clip, a steel drop point blade with assisted opening, and a lightweight nylon handle.

Read on to see the full list of great features on this knife, including the blade type, handle, and opening mechanism.​ You can also explore some other awesome pocket knives.

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Kershaw Clash Review​


Based out of Oregon, Kershaw has been producing high-quality knives for over four decades.

Their combination of quality and affordability is unmatched. The Kershaw Clash 1605 is no different.

It was designed by award-winning knifemaker Ken Onion to be produced by Kershaw.

There is a reason that they have produced this specific knife for so long. It has been a popular EDC choice for years and will continue to be for years to come.

Simply put, you would be hard pressed to find a better quality knife at the same price.


For starters, the blade is constructed of sturdy 8CR13MOV steel and has a bead blasted finish. You can choose from a satin or black finish. You can also get straight edge of half serrated.

kershaw clash black serrated

The steel blade gives plenty of cutting strength.

The bead blasted finish gives the blade a matte, slightly dimpled look.

Bead blasting creates microscopic pits which allow the knife to wear better over time and ensures the longevity of this pocket knife.

As mentioned before, the blade is also available with serrations if you prefer.

The 3-inch blade is an absolutely perfect size for just about every daily task you could throw at it.

kershaw clash

The drop point blade is heat treated by Kershaw to provide additional strength.

The heat treatment also allows the blade to keep an edge for an extended period of time.

While you are using the knife with the standard blade, you will notice an extremely small curve in the blade.

This curve allows for easier slicing yet it remains very easy to sharpen.

The knives with the serrated blades do not have the curve. Whether you purchase the standard blade or the serrated blade, rest assured you will be able to slice what you need to.


Opening the knife is nothing short of a dream.

The flipper on the back of the knife, when paired with Kershaw’s popular SpeedSafe assisted opening technology, creates a blade that quickly and easily snaps open and locks into place.

kershaw clash serrated

For our left-handed readers, do not worry!

The SpeedSafe assisted opening is ambidextrous since it is initiated by the flipper on the back of the knife.

After opening, the blade is secured by a liner lock.

It will not slip or wobble while you are using it.

Once the job is complete, closing the blade is almost as simple as opening it. This is another positive feature of the liner lock.


Another great feature of the knife is the handle. The handle has a deep indentation for your index finger. This allows for a comfortable hold.

kershaw clash handle

When gripping and using the knife, the combination of the indentation for your index finger and the textured nylon scales provide a tight grip.

This tight, secure grip with the ergonomic handle allows for added safety. Your hand is much less likely to slip while you use the knife.

The handle is glass filled. This reduces the overall weight of the knife.

The handle of a knife is something you usually do not notice unless you have an issue with it. This knife’s handle will be safe and comfortable while allowing for a snug grip.


When closed, the knife is 4.25 inches long. The total weight of the knife is only 4 ounces.

These factors combined mean that the knife will easily fit in your pocket without getting in the way as you go about your daily tasks.

kershaw clash pocket clip

The light weight will allow you to forget that it is even there.

Additionally, the handle of the knife does not have any unnecessary pieces that could snag on your pocket when you take it out.

An additional feature that we really like is the reversible pocket clip. The clip is held down by Torx screws. These are relatively easy to reverse.

This feature allows you to customize the knife to meet your specific needs for how you would like to carry it in your pocket.

These factors convince us that this is a great carry knife. The small size, weight, and the reversible clip separate this knife from the pack.


As has been said before, at this price point, it would be difficult to find a better pocket knife.

Boasting features such as a steel drop point blade, easy to grip handle, sturdy liner lock, reversible pocket clip, SpeedSafe assisted opening, and the perfect size and weight, it is hard to argue that this knife is not the ultimate choice for EDC.

Add in that it is produced by such a reputable brand, has a limited lifetime warranty, and was designed by a member of the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame, and it only gets better.

If you decide that this is your next everyday carry knife, you will not be upset with your purchase.

Lastly, this knife is backed by Kershaw’s limited lifetime warranty. This gives you peace of mind in your purchase.

Given all of the features that make this a great carry knife and the fact that there is a lifetime warranty backing it, there is no reason that this cannot be your everyday carry knife for years and years to come.

If you want to check out another excellent option from Kershaw, check out the Blur.​

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