Men’s Grooming Guide: Top 10 Tips For Looking Your Best

As men, we often don't spend too much time focusing on how we look. We usually get some kind of routine early in life and just keep doing that well into our golden years.

While that is definitely functional and works fine, what if we could just make a few small tweaks and look a lot better? Maybe it's only spending 10 more minutes each day that might give us a 10x boost in how we look?

It turns out that it doesn't take too much work to really shape up what you've got and really look your best.

If we make those smart changes, and work them into our daily routine, the payoff could be incredible. If we are in relationships, our significant other will definitely appreciate it.

And if we are out there looking for someone, looking better is something that will help us stand out from the crowd.

I put together the raw knowledge of many men that have mastered looking good in one easy to read guide. There are 10 things you can do here that will get you looking like a refined gentleman in no time, and it's super easy to maintain.

Remember, it's all about optimizing what you've got. Don't think about yourself as looking great or looking terrible. You simply want to do the right actions so that you look your best. It's all about that optimization.

Let's dive right into each area next. We will start from the top of your head and work our way down.

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Not all of us are born with a thick head of hair. In fact, hair loss for men is pretty darn common.

Did you know that by age 35, about 66% of men will have some level of hair loss? Also, by age 50, that goes up to 85% of men.

So if you do have a full head of hair still, share some gratitude to your genetics. If not, then you are like most men, and it's something we have to accept.

The question then becomes, how do you make your hair look good? It turns out that there are many haircuts out there that fit certain head shapes better.

Easy Solution - Ask Your Barber

Do you get your haircut by a stylist, barber, or friend? If you haven't been to a barber shop, I highly recommend it.

You can usually find them around the older part of town on the typical Main street. It's a great experience for a man, and happens to be a great way to catch up on recent events in the town.

What I recommend is going to your local barber shop and asking your barber what the most popular, classy, and timeless styles are that he would recommend.

A barber cuts hair for a living and will usually know what looks good on you. This of course takes trust on your part, but your hair will grow back in a few weeks anyways, so the risk is worth it. You will most likely end up with an awesome hair cut.

Research Styles

hair style

If you want to plan ahead a little more than that, then do some internet research on the top styles of the day.

Keep in mind that many styles come and go, and if you go with a current fad, you will most likely need to change your hair again when the fad leaves.

Otherwise, you'll fall behind and be considered "weird".

Take a picture of a style you like to your barber and show him what you want. It's a lot easier than trying to explain it.

I've always gone with a more traditional haircut that is always in style. That way I don't have to keep changing to keep up with what other people are doing.

There are some great classic styles out there. Check out some more conservative options here.

Feature Your Hair Loss

Also, there are styles that will help with any hair loss you might be dealing with. If you are in the group of the majority of men by midlife, then have you considered a "buzz cut" or even shaving your head? It might give you a whole new look.

man with shaved head

If you just have a little receding hairline in the front, you may be able to hide it with longer hair and a decent style.

However, if there is a lot of hair loss, then don't fear it, feature it. Own it and go for a hairstyle that will make you look your best.

One of the worst things you can do is to overly try to hide a lot of hair loss with an obnoxious comb over that is extremely obvious.

Ask your close friends and family if you might fall into this category.

We can all easily fool ourselves. If so, then realize that there's no shame in hair loss, since you are part of 85% of men. Feature it with a great new hairstyle.

Take Care Of What You've Got

Showering everyday is great for hygiene, and those around you will greatly appreciate it. Using shampoo is a great way to clean your hair.

Some men use shampoo every day, and some can get by every few days. It usually comes down to personal choice and hair type.

Consider if you are using the best shampoo for your type of hair or do you just use what's in the bathroom? There might be a better shampoo out there for your hair.

Also, if your hair gets dry and feels like straw, consider using a conditioner as well.

Sometimes, your body changes over time and if you get dandruff, which is very common, consider using a popular dandruff shampoo to help clear it up.

Head And Shoulders

The most popular options here are:

  1. Head And Shoulders
  2. Selsun Blue
  3. Neutrogena T/Gel
  4. Nizoral

If those don't work, there are more exotic choices that may be better for your skin. It really is a matter of getting these and trying them out to see what works best.

You should always read directions on dandruff shampoo since it is usually intended for only a few times a week, and not every time.

Another thing to point out if you are one of the rare few with sensitive skin, is that if your face gets irritated, keep in mind that your shampoo might be part of the problem.

Shampoo is naturally going to run across your face when you rinse it out.

There are plenty of shampoos out there for sensitive skin that don't have any harsh chemicals, so if this is you, check them out.


I know what you're thinking: I'm a guy and I don't use lotion. Fair enough. For most men, you probably can get by without using any.

Sometimes though, your skin on your face might get dry or irritated, and some lotion could easily save the day. You might want to revisit the soap you are using on your face, as it might be too harsh.

Winter time in places it gets cold is usually what will get most men. The cold air easily dries out your skin which can lead to flaking and cracking. A little lotion in the morning to start out the day will probably do the trick.

If you are more open to keeping your skin in great shape as you get older, then consider adding some face lotion to your routine.

All you have to do is rub a little on after your shower and you are good to go. It usually goes a long way at helping keep your skin in great shape, especially after a shave.

For those that work outside a lot, it's a smart idea to use face lotion that has some sun protection in it. Even lotions with SPF 15 are really good at protecting you from that day to day sun exposure.

When you're young, you don't think much about it because your skin looks fine. However, years upon years of sun damage can make you look a bit crispy as you start hitting your mid life and beyond.

If you want an easy solution here, a popular choice that you can usually find most places is Olay Complete.

Olay Complete Sensitive Skin

Olay usually markets their stuff to women, but this product is more gender neutral.

When I had some dry skin issues pop up in my 30's, I tried all sorts of men's lotions that I could get my hands on. Most of them sucked.

Then I finally tried the Olay Complete out of desperation, and found it worked amazingly well.

I did research on it and found that many men use it (although they may not admit to it). I put some on every morning after a shower.

If they packaged this stuff up in a black box and called it Man Balm, I bet most men would be using it every day. It works that good.


For most men, the only challenge with keeping your eyes clean is wiping out the crud every morning.

While you sleep, your eyes will water a bit which contains mucus, and by morning time, that dries up and forms crusty crud near the corners of your eyes. Make sure and clean that gunk out each morning.

The other issue that can pop up is dry eyes. Most people use some Clear Eyes solution to help resolve that problem. Just make sure and follow the directions on the bottle.

As you get older, your eye brow hair might go haywire on you. If so, do the right thing and trim those eyebrows up to keep them tame.

Another common item with men is the unibrow. It's the patch of hair that often grows in between your eyebrows. The easiest way to handle that is to either use a trimmer or a razor and clean that area up. Some people should do it daily, and others can get by less often.

Nose And Ears

As we get older, hair seems to migrate from our heads to our nose and ears.

That means that it's probably a good idea to start paying attention and trim any nose or ear hair that might crop out on occasion. It's better than looking like we've hidden small farm animals in there.

The best solution is getting a great nose hair trimmer that is designed for the job. There are plenty of good options out there. The key is getting one that won't rip out hairs, because that is just a bad experience.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K

I've found that the Panasonic ER-GN30-K works wonders.

It's a waterproof unit that runs on a single AA battery that lasts me about a year on 1 charge.

I pull this puppy out every 2 weeks and easily trim everything up in under 2 minutes.

The unit cleans out easily too but just running it under some water. The blades cut clean so that you don't feel any hairs being ripped out.

Facial Hair

A big question on a man's mind from time to time is should I grow a beard? Facial hair is one of the key features of being male that sets us apart, so of course it's going to grab our interest on occasion.

The key advice here is that if you don't get much facial hair, if its patchy, thin, or even mostly nonexistent, then no problem.

It has nothing to do with your masculinity and everything to do with genetics. If you fall into this group, then keep in mind that you are most likely going to look your best clean shaven.

Men have been shaving for a very long time. If you don't like doing it, then consider upgrading your technique and your products.

Using a good razor coupled with some awesome shaving soap gives you a great experience. It feels similar to visiting a barber shop and getting a proper shave.

Once you are done shaving, apply some soothing aftershave to clean your skin and keep the irritation down.

Repsol Care Kit

If you do have thick facial hair and are interested in growing something, then consider getting the right gear to make it look good.

For example, if you want to grow a beard, then there are a few things you want to check out.

Using a beard balm and oil is a great way to keep the beard nice and healthy.

Also, your beard hair is going to get a little wild on you if you grow it out long. To keep your beard tame, you will need to get a few items like a comb and a brush.

If you want to go all 1980's and sport a mustache, that's cool.

To set yourself apart and grow your stache out long so that you can style it, get some good mustache wax so that you can make it look amazing. The wax will help keep your stache in place as well.


Oral hygiene is very important. It's recommended that the average person brush their teeth twice daily and floss once daily (night time before bed is best).

Crest 3D Whitening Mouthwash

You should also consider getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months at a dentist to keep them in great shape and avoid long term problems.

The biggest win here is that preventing tooth decay is the best way to prevent bad breathe.

If you drink a lot of coffee or tea, then you probably are getting your teeth stained a bit, which will make them look yellow.

One solution you can do every day is to use some whitening mouth wash to help keep the yellow at bay.

They also make whitening tooth paste too.

If you use these products every day, then chances are you don't have to do any special whitening treatments and your teeth will look fine.

chapstick classic

Don't forget to keep those lips in great shape too.

The best advice here is to apply some lip balm on your lips each morning before you leave home.

It keeps your lips protected and hydrated for most of the day.

You can also add more during the day if you find your lips getting chapped. Keep those lips in great shape by keeping them protected.


Smelling good shouldn't be too much of a challenge. If you bathe every day, then you should be in decent shape.

If you are the type of person that sweats a lot, then make sure you are using enough deodorant and/or antiperspirant to keep the sweat under control.

Don't go overboard with any cologne too. The rule is usually be subtle with add on scents. A person shouldn't smell you unless they are within 3 feet of you.

For the young guys, spraying yourself with some hip spray instead of bathing is not a good solution. You're just covering up the stink and anyone that gets close enough to you is going to know what's up.


The experts harp on us all of the time that we probably aren't getting enough exercise every day. If you work at a desk job, then you probably agree that this is true.

Consider working in some walking, running, or biking into your daily routine. If you can't get to a place to do these kind of activities, then consider getting a stationary bike or treadmill in your home where you can put in 30 minutes a day.

Also, lifting weights is critical to keep a man's body in peak shape. That doesn't mean you have to go to a gym or lift heavy weights. You can go old school and just buy a few dumb bells that you can work out with at home.

Many of us men do heavy weights when we are younger, but as we get older, that starts to affect ligaments and tendons. You can get similar looking results by lifting lighter weights, but just doing a lot more repetitions to break those muscles down.

If you are overweight, then consider making it a priority to getting to a healthier weight.

The two keys to weight loss is knowing the science of it and also making sure that the image you have of yourself in your mind is a very fit man. If you don't solve both of these areas, it's hard to maintain a healthy weight.

Many people struggle with the mental image of how they see themselves, and their eating habits simply follow to make that image real.

Change how you see yourself in your mind, and your body will soon follow because your habits will change. You have to practice visualizing yourself over an extended period of time for it to start working.


For clothes, you don't have to dress like you are on the cover of Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ) magazine. Simply keep your clothes in decent shape by keeping them clean and replacing them when they get worn out.

There are tons of different styles out there, and you are the best judge on what works well for you.

Simply look at what the "coolest" person in your particular social circle wears and mimic that if you don't know what's in style.

In fact, why not even get to know that person better and ask them for advice on clothes. They'll probably be flattered and glad to help.


Don't just take care of your body, take care of your mind too. Having a positive attitude is one of the best ways to have a fantastic day. You get more done and have a great effect on everyone around you.

What happens when you feel better and make other people around you feel better? They are more attracted to you and think you look even better. It's one of the easiest ways to get a "boost" in how you appear to others.

Something to try here is to listen to some motivational speakers in the morning as you get ready.

Some great suggestions here are Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar to name a few.

Just listening 10 minutes to any of these folks is usually enough to turn your mood around and help give you an awesome boost to start out your day. You will also learn a ton on how to be effective and productive.

A positive mindset will let you carry yourself a lot better around other people. And that means that you will look even better to others.

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