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The Mora Companion knife is by far one of the best all around knives that you can have at an extremely low price. In this Mora Companion review, I'll take you through the 3 versions of the Companion.

Here's the thing:

best mora companion

The many options for all-in-one knives grow every year, so outdoor lovers have to choose their general purpose tool carefully.

The catch?

An all-purpose knife must be able to do typical camp chores like small wood work or cleaning game.

Some people even need it for heavy-duty jobs like splitting small logs.

As such, the ideal length is between four and six inches, with a strong grip to avoid slipping.

The great thing is...

With the three blade options available, the Companion exceeds these basic requirements at a reasonable price tag.

In particular, its awesomely acute edge, stable grip, and various blades make each version of this blade an ideal companion for the modern outdoorsman.

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On the Cutting Edge

Morakniv has set the knife standard for woodcraft and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Their survival blades are renowned for drawing upon traditional Scandinavian knife designs that have been used for centuries by the Sammi Puuko of the high Arctic.

The strikingly thin cutting edge, in particular, has made knives like the Companion popular in craft circles.


mora companion review

In the case of the Companion, its extremely acute cutting edge features a slip point design with a true zero grind that creates a continuous cutting edge.

In particular, the main grind flows directly into the cutting edge with no secondary grind in between.

The result is a classic, 4.1-inch fixed blade that is clean, sharp, and tough.

At the same time, the blade is divided into equal lengths of curved and straight edge to create an exact balance.

This ensures that you have the right kind of cutting edge for slicing, chopping, cutting, and other uses.

The Companion’s cutting edge excels at a wide range of tasks, such as cutting wood for kindling, whittling, and food preparation.

The blade is protected by a smoky mirror finish. Although Morakniv provides a limited lifetime warranty, the Companion will likely have a long life in any case.​


mora companion handle

The Companion’s handle is made from molded plastic with a patterned, rubber grip.

The latter stands out for its high-friction design that ensures comfort while preventing slips or injuries.

Another great feature is the grip also has gentle downturns at the butt end and at the front guard to prevent finger crowding.

The design is deceptively simple, filling the hand but producing no hotspots.


The sheath is similarly well-designed with a drainage hole for accumulated moisture.

Both sheath and grip are available in a wide array of colors—pink. light blue, foliage green and more.

The sheath holds the knife pretty well. However, in colder environments, you might find your knife slipping out easier than normal.

A great solution is to put a layer of gorilla tape on one side of the inner part of the sheath. This will add just a little more retention, fixing any loose problems.​


When it comes to maintaining, your blade may have to be sharpened, but it never has to be profiled.

The Companion specifically relies upon a partial stick tang, with a sharpening angle that is defined by an acute bevel.

Ensuring such a sharp edge was important to traditional Scandinavian woodworking, which required a blade that could take big bites out of wood.

While partial tangs are often looked down upon for the great outdoor knives, in this particular design it works well. Any owner of the Companion will attest to the knife's durability and don't care less about the partial tang.​

Mora Companion Review

Mora gives us 3 amazing options on the Companion style knife. They are:

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Carbon Steel
  3. Heavy Duty Carbon Steel​

Let's jump into the details about each one next.

Mora Companion Stainless Steel

Mora Companion Stainless Steel

The standard Companion is designed for light to medium-duty tasks and features a 0.1-inch thick, versatile blade weighing 4.1 ounces.

It is composed of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel that is hardened to 57-8 Rc.

It is sure to please users who abhor rust or maintenance.

In particular, strength and sharpness will ensure a long life with high cutting efficiency.

As a stainless steel blade, this model is less vulnerable to oxidation and resulting rust than carbon steel blades.

The stainless steel features a three-quarter tang that is ideal for dealing with moisture and grime especially in marine and outdoor applications.

The major drawback is that sharpening is much more difficult. The same strength that increases resistance to rust also makes this blade more resistant to sharpening tools.

Mora Companion Carbon Steel

Mora Companion Carbon Steel

The MC Carbon is designed for lighter work, but uses a carbon steel blade that measures a remarkably thin 0.08 inches in width.

The blade also features ultra-fine carbides and an absence of any large carbide deposits that together increase the overall durability.

Similarly, the MC Carbon boasts excellent forging and hardening properties, as well as extraordinary edge sharpness.

The big disadvantage is that it requires regular cleaning and oiling to prevent rust.

In general, high carbon steels are harder and tougher than standard, stainless steel. As such, they are ideal for tasks that require durable, sharp blades without regularly grinding.

A carbon steel blade will specifically work better for splitting logs, as stainless steel knives may have to be forced.

Between exceptional hardness, durability, and sharpness, the carbon steel Companion will ensure the best cutting performance possible for more intensive work.

Mora Companion Heavy Duty Carbon Steel

mora companion heavy duty

The Heavy Duty Companion is designed for heavier bush work with a thicker 0.125-inch blade only available in carbon steel hardened to 59 to 60 Rc.

This ensures a sharper edge that requires minimal sharpening.

The disadvantage remains a greater need for regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent rust.

Increasing thickness limits this fixed blade’s finer abilities. The handle is similarly larger for this tough knife.

Neither this nor the standard carbon steel can be used to strike a firesteel because the spine is rounded, but the blade tip may be used instead.

The Companion’s tang extends through two thirds of the handle and leads to a slight weakness in the knife.

This is most obvious in the Heavy Duty version because of the greater strength required. It should not be used to split anything thicker than two to three inches in diameter.

Conclusion: A Blade for Every Job

The best Morakniv Companion for you will depend upon your needs.

A stainless steel blade works best for extensive use. The Heavy Duty model is ideal for intensive work. And, the standard carbon Companion offers a healthy middle ground.

Mora Companion Heavy Duty batoning

Whichever you choose, you can count on the Companion for an awesome combination of versatility, design, and value while still maintaining a reasonable price profile.

If you are on the fence on which one to get on the stainless steel companion vs the heavy duty, here is my advice:

If you just want a nice little camp knife that can do some feather sticks, skin a deer, and clean a fish, then go for the stainless steel.

You can also grab a good camp axe to handle most of your wood work that will compliment the stainless steel version perfectly.​

If you plan on doing more wood work and some finer carving tasks, consider the carbon steel. Keep in mind you will need to oil the blade to keep it protected.

And if you ever want to baton wood, you'll need to go with the heavy duty version.

I personally have the stainless steel for the generic type stuff that is super low maintenance. I also have the heavy duty for the heavier tasks that might come up.

If you need your knife to do a lot more, consider getting a survival knife.

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