Ontario RAT 2 Review: Best EDC For The Price

If you are looking for a smaller version of the RAT 1, you are in luck. In this article, we are going to do an Ontario RAT 2 review.

Ontario RAT 2 Review

The RAT 2 knife is yet another incredibly popular option from the Ontario Knife Company.

It is a folding knife from their notorious RAT series.

While the RAT series is pretty broad, the RAT 2 is most similar to the RAT 1.

The primary differences between the two are the size and the available options.

The Ontario RAT model 2 is an excellent everyday carry knife at an extremely hard to beat the price. It is just a bit smaller than the RAT 1, which makes it easier to carry.

It features a good quality blade and multiple carry options. As you will see in this review, overall, the RAT 2 is a great quality pocket knife for the price.

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Ontario RAT 2 Review

Ontario Knife Company

Based out of Upstate New York, where they were founded in 1889, the Ontario Knife Company is one of the country’s oldest knife producers.

Their catalog is immense and features a huge array of knives and tools. Their repertoire includes a number of tools and knives that have been produced for the United States Military.

Ontario Knife Company produces extremely high-quality knives and tools. Such quality would be expected from a company that is well over a century old.

They back all their products with a limited lifetime warranty against any material or workmanship defects.

While it has been said before, their quality is unquestioned. For the price, you will get a very high-quality pocket knife from an extremely reputable manufacturer.

Ontario RAT 1 vs RAT 2

As was previously mentioned, the RAT 2 knives are similar to Ontario Knife Company’s RAT 1 knives.

The biggest difference is that the RAT 2 knives have a 3-inch blade, while the RAT 1 knife has a 3.5-inch blade.

Ontario RAT 2 Review

As they have an even smaller size, the RAT 2 knives are arguably better every day carry knives than the RAT 1 knives. Your selection depends on your use for the knife.

Some knife users prefer and need a larger blade. However, the average person looking for a very small, lightweight knife will find that the RAT 2 meets their needs.

Similar to the RAT 1 knives, the blades of the RAT 2 knives are full ground, flat tapered blades crafted from a Japanese stainless steel, AUS 8.

AUS 8 is a decent quality stainless steel. It is a commonly used in the knife industry. This steel is often found in more budget-friendly knives.

While it will dull faster than more expensive stainless steels, AUS 8 is extremely easy to sharpen. Getting a very sharp edge on this blade will not be an issue.

Ontario RAT 2 Black

Normal blade maintenance ensures that you always maintain a sharp edge. Overall, AUS 8 is definitely the highest quality steel at this price point.

Another difference between the RAT 2 and the RAT 1 knives is that the RAT 2 knives are not available with a serrated edge.

The RAT 1 knives are available with either a plain edge or a combination edge.

Like we mentioned earlier, the RAT II knives are only available with a plain edge blade. The blade is available in either silver or black, where black is slightly more expensive.

RAT 2 Details​

The knives are opened with a thumb stud. While it is basic, it is an effective opening mechanism. The knife swings open smoothly and easily.

You will find that the knife is plenty easy to open one-handed. Once the blade is opened, it is locked in place by a liner lock mechanism.

Ontario RAT 2 Coyote Brown

While it is a basic mechanism, it is to be expected at this price point and it works fine.

For reference, a liner lock has a split liner in the handle.

Once the blade is opened, a spring forces part of the liner down and wedges it between the blade and the handle.

The result is a relatively strong cutting knife that will not wobble back and forth.

While there are stronger locking mechanisms available, for an affordable pocket knife, a liner lock works effectively.

Another feature that contributes to the cutting strength of the knives is the handle. It has a good shape and offers an ergonomic, non-slip grip.

It also has an indentation for your index finger. This prevents your hand from unintentionally slipping down the blade. The handle also has jimping in the indentation and on the back of the blade.

Jimping is notches cut in the metal and provides a stronger grip. Between the ergonomic handle and the jimping, the handle offers plenty of grip for added cutting strength. It is made of nylon, which is to be expected of an extremely affordable knife.

One final feature that is great about the knives is the four-position pocket clip. This allows for either tip up or tip down carry for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Ontario RAT 2 Pink

The handle also has a lanyard hole that offers a fifth carry option to the user. The closed size of the knife is 4.1 inches. It weighs only a miniscule 2.8 ounces.

The handle does not have any sharp edges so nothing will get caught on your pocket when you pull it out. For these reasons, we believe it is an absolutely ideal everyday carry knife.

The RAT 2 knives are an excellent bargain on a decently high-quality knife.

If you are looking for a great little knife for the women in your life, they do sell a pink handle version as well.


While there is nothing fancy about the knives, the affordability makes them a very popular everyday carry knife.

Produced by a well-known brand that has been around for over a century, you will get a great quality knife for the price.

They feature a decent quality blade, multi-position carry, and a safe, effective handle. The handle offers a firm grip for added cutting strength. While there are plenty of things that could be improved, the price makes it hard to complain about any of them.

Overall, affordability was kept in mind when these knives were produced, but quality was not abandoned.

As to be expected from Ontario Knife Company, these knives are great quality for a great price. They make an excellent everyday carry knife for the average knife user.

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